Historical luminaires, lanterns and individual projects are to be found around Europe and already cross your paths everyday.

Urbi 1/3

Urbi cleverly combines outstanding lighting with traffic guidance elements and other street furnishings. Road signs, traffic lights or waste paper baskets can be mounted on its light poles. At the same time, the number of individual mounting brackets is reduced to enhance visual attractiveness. With this sophisticated system, Urbi ensures a high level of standardised design quality in urban spaces. All three design lines – whether they are gently rounded, soberly straight-lined or minimally ornate – are highly impressive due to their timeless style and classical design.

Urbi 2

Schupmann Fixture

This is a faithful replica of the historical Berlin Schupmann fixture incorporating modern lighting technology. The original design by Ludwig Schupmann was installed in 1888 between Pariser Platz and Spandauer Straße in Berlin.

Witzleben Fixture

The prototype for the Witzleben fixture was a luminaire located on Luisenplatz in Berlin at the start of the 20th century. The shape of its column, its horizontal and vertical structure and the way it opens up urban space in an upward direction matches that of historical architecture. As well as creating an historical effect, the fixtures also meets the high requirements of modern lighting technology, allowing for particularly wide offset spacing between luminaires.

Hardenberg Fixture

A highly decorative Wilhelmian lantern was the archetype for this 14 m high replica of the historical Berlin Hardenberg lantern. Casting moulds faithful to the original were prepared based on the last actual archetypes as well as surviving positive models made from wood were recreated. New Hardenberg lanterns can also be found in Krefeld, Amsterdam and Singapore.

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