lighting for streets, paths and squares all from one vertical line

Minimised to the max

The design philosophy behind the Line is to radically reduce the complexity of a luminaire’s form by integrating the optics into a vertical line. The result: slim line luminaires that support a calm and clear urban landscape.

The discreet form brings the lighting effect and the individual character of the luminaire’s materials and surfaces more to the foreground. Minimised cross-sections ensure elegant proportions across the different column, pole, bollard and wall variations.

Crosses boundaries, connects opposites

With the Line, Selux is revolutionising the look of street lighting: it combines diverse functions in a radically reduced design, and creates new clarity in the urban landscape. Vertical, linear optic modules fit seamlessly into a pure luminaire shape. Using innovative lighting technology, the Line handles all relevant lighting tasks: from applications close to buildings to lighting squares, parks, streets and paths. To achieve this, the product family includes light columns, bollards, pole and wall-mounted luminaires as well as pole-top versions for existing poles – creating a universal toolkit for lighting. Microfacetted reflectors provide high visual comfort and standard-compliant glare control.

The precision optics prevent light pollution and illuminate residential spaces with respect to nature. Zhaga-compliant interfaces diversifies the abilities of the Line, enabling it to connect with intelligent Smart City options. The Line supports individual lighting concepts not just in its diversity of lighting technology modules. The possibility of combining different luminaire surfaces, colour temperatures and reflector finishes provide the freedom to align lighting design to the surroundings: a contrast-rich look combing concrete, gold reflectors and warm light colours or a timeless look fusing traditional steel with silver reflectors: both are equally easy. The Line: flexible in its form, diverse in its applications, pure in its appearance.

Light columns – Pole luminaires – Wall-recessed and surface-mounted luminaires

Linear optics

The scaling of light

The linear optic modules fit seamlessly in the reduced design of the Line. To meet different applications, four module sizes are available with light outputs scaled accordingly. The modules have innovative microfacetted gold or silver reflector systems with engineered light distribution to illuminate streets, paths, squares and parks. The precise reflectors minimise scattered light and thus reduce light pollution – for lighting residential and urban areas in harmony with nature. By combining reflectors in gold with warm light colours such as 2200K or 2700K, the Line is considerate of the sensitive needs of nature and the animal kingdom. Additionally, 3000K and 4000K provide additional neutral light colours choices: this allows the lighting atmosphere to be tailored individually to the character and identity of districts and urban areas.

Line Black

Preserve darkness

A pitch-black night sky with glimmering stars is much more than just the perfect background for designing urban spaces using light. A dark Night Sky is important for natural rhythms too and as a result for the well-being of human beings, animals and plants.

Performance and Comfort optics

for individual needs

To meet individual needs while also emphasising the character of a city, a community or a square, all the optics in the Line family are available in three different versions: a Performance version that is, as the name suggests, performance-driven lumen output and efficiency, a Comfort Louvers design with light guiding louvers, which guarantee exceptional visual comfort, and a Comfort Lens design. This ensures efficient compliance with lighting standards even when using widely spaced poles, and allows areas with lower mounting heights and higher requirement in terms of visual comfort to also be illuminated in a people​-friendly way.

Smart City

Intelligent Smart City functions via an optional Zhaga interface.

All-around lighting

Combining two optics in a column creates symmetric illumination.

Combines multiple functions

Asymmetric + pathway
The multifunctional character of the Line en­ables it to integrate two optics in a single light point: urban spaces look cleaner and clearer as a result, for example, where two optics in a pole combine to illuminate both the street and pathways in compliance with standards.

A single optic creates pure light for asymmetric illumination.

Diversity of materiality and colour

In addition to steel, there is also a special edition concrete-look finish for the Line. The look of both materials can be customised to no end. Steel poles are tailored with a powder coating, for example, which also protects them against corrosion.

A comprehensive palette of colours allows different characteristics to be achieved, from harmonious colour tones to contrast-rich accents, as well as a choice of surface finishes such as matte, gloss or a metallic effect. Concrete finishes create new accents in luminaires. The most commonly used material in modern architecture is something of a chameleon: depending on how it is processed, it can form rough and warm, or smooth and cool surfaces, and it can be coloured to fit with its surroundings. Concrete constructions are robust, durable and rugged, and are viewed less as technol­ogy and more as architecture in the cityscape.

Wall-mounted and bollard luminaires

for lighting to envelop buildings

With the right choice of material and optics, the extremely reduced form of Line fits like a glove with architecture. The bollard, wall- integrated and wall-mounted luminaires in this series are thus the perfect tools for lighting buildings close up. The wall-mounted luminaires are available in four sizes, and the bollards in four heights.

Lateral mounted and top modules for poles

The Line universal toolkit also includes vertical, linear optic modules for mounting on or on top of existing poles. Streets and paths can thus be outfitted with innovative lighting technology cost-effectively.

Light distribution

Flood deep
Flood wide

Line with two optics

asymm. street + pathway

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