Lighting of a residential area with Avanza and Circular Light Profiles


Apeldoornsestraat Kampen

Kampen, Netherlands

The first street in the Netherlands to be illuminated with a Circular Light Profile is Apeldoornsestraat in the city of Kampen. Situated near the city centre, in the southern part of the city, Apeldoornsestraat is a cultural area where many people reside, a residential street with 85 houses, constructed between 1925 and 1970. Just as residents and visitors benefit from safety through street lighting, the surrounding nature, teeming with numerous insects, requires adequate protection. The Selux lighting design takes both factors into consideration.

While the Avanza 450 luminaire is already utilised as a standard luminaire for specific areas of Kampen, the new integration of Avanza luminaires with the 'Biological White' Circular Light Profile in Apeldoornsestraat delivers lighting that blends safety with nature and insect preservation, in harmony with the planet's natural rhythm.

object Apeldoornsestraat Kampen

client City of Kampen

electrical planning Van Gelder Verkeerstechniek B.V.

lighting design Selux & City of Kampen

photographer Robert Koelewijn

product Avanza 450

special features Circular Light Profile ›Biological White‹

The >Biological White< Light Profile automatically adjusts the light intensity and colour temperature depending on periods of high insect activity. During the colder winter months, when insect activity diminishes, the more energy-saving colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin is used.

To safeguard insects and biodiversity, a colour temperature of 2200 Kelvin is used during the warmer months, when animals and insects are most active. Additionally, the light intensity varies throughout the night based on the activity of both humans and animals.


Avanza, in combination with Circular Light Profiles, is provided pre-programmed, eliminating the need for time-consuming planning and programming work.

The ›Biological White‹ light profile considers the activity of the majority of insects and adjusts the light colour between 2200 and 3000 Kelvin during the relevant months accordingly. Moreover, the light intensity adapts over the course of the year and night. This approach enables the creation of diverse lighting experiences at the location while simultaneously establishing sufficient dark zones to protect the animal world.

Robert Zwanepol, representing the Municipality of Kampen and serving as a consultant for public lighting, was keen to test the ›Biological White‹ light profile in his city because he believes Circular Light Profiles offer a thoughtful approach to lighting usage. A second lighting project in Kampen incorporating Circular Light Profiles is already in the planning stages.

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