Form follows Magic
A new generation of luminaires where intelligent, high-end lighting technology meets design modelled on the magic of nature.

When form meets function. When something new and un­pre­cedented breaks ground. When we are fascinated by symbiosis. That's magic.

With Aya, we provide a solution for ecological issues using the latest scientific findings. The balance between man, nature, design and functionality is reinterpreted to create light for generations. Aya integrates all the functions for future-oriented luminaires and fulfils all requirements for sustainable lighting all while Aya emphasises the natural beauty of urban spaces.

Nature-Centric Lighting
Scientifically based lighting that adapts independently to the local needs of both humans and other living creatures over the course of the year and day.

Circular Light Profiles
Light in natural rhythm

Aya combined with our scientifically based »Circular Light Profiles«  harmonises people and nature needs by ad­just­ing the light colour and intensity depending on the time of year and time of day, saving energy and the environment. This creates a new simplicity that enables all communities to have sustainable lighting solutions in every location. The algorithm is pre-installed in every luminaire onto the Selux Core. There is no need for time-consuming planning and support. The luminaire is delivered ready to use.

Biological Red
Safety with special biodiversity protection

Biological White
Safety with biodiversity protection

Adjusting White
Orientation for people, dark zones for nature

Minimal resources
Maximum integration.

Everything that doesn‘t work or is unnecessary is filtered out by nature. Following this maxim, Aya‘s form emerged from its function – with minimal use of materials to conserve resources. The silhouette seamlessly integrates into urban and natural spaces thanks to its soft contours.

Self-cleaning through rainwater –
following nature's example.

The organic form allows rainwater to float across the entire luminaire housing, from top to bottom. This not only helps clean the luminaire but also improves the maintenance efficiency of the luminaire.

Designed to protect the night sky.

Aya is Dark Sky compliant and helps preserve the night sky by reducing light pollution. The combination of deep-set optics together with precise light distributions help maximize light utility while avoiding light pollution.

Guiding light
The alluring volume of light inside Aya provides safety and orientation.

Glare-free optics
For visual comfort and greater flexibility.

Specially designed reflector and lens optics, combined with the luminaire's shape, enable controlled light emission. Depending on the arrangement of the modular optics, the light distribution can be either symmetric or asymmetric. The use of glare shields minimises excess spill light. This protects residential areas and environmental zones from unwanted light.

Symmetric light distributions

sym. round

sym. long

Asymmetrical light distributions

asym. narrow

asym. wide

Diversity for urban spaces

With Aya, you can bring consistency to the identity of an urban space through the various installation and mount­ing options available. The options range from post-top luminaires for residential streets, paths, or squares to mast pendant and cable pendant luminaires for wide streets and large areas, allowing you to maintain a cohesive design concept.

*Post-top luminaires available from Q1/2024,
Mast pendant and cable pendant variants available from Q3/2024.

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