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Public spaces need to embrace nature once more to become more human-centric. How can light help?

Our mis­sion is to sup­port design­ers in cre­at­ing subtly lay­ered public spaces that are neu­tral, simple and authen­tic in form and func­tion. Time­less and inte­gra­tive spaces that are shared spaces in the truest sense: where behav­iour isn’t watched, dic­tated or manip­u­lated, where people don’t have to follow the herd but can be them­selves. We con­stantly encounter all sorts of nat­ural light with­out always notic­ing it: direct and indi­rect, during the day and at night.

Depend­ing on the time, weather and season, the sun radi­ates var­i­ous types of light. Even after the sun goes down, we see its light reflected as moon­light, starlight, a reflec­tion on the water’s sur­face or a gentle glow on a snow-capped moun­tain. Our aim is not to imi­tate these nat­ural phe­nom­ena with arti­fi­cial light. Rather, we approach light like an ingre­di­ent in a »paint­ing«.

Artists such as Ruys­dael, Mesdag and Israëls painted psy­che­delic skies above low hori­zons, sum­mer­beach scenes and wild seascapes with waves seem­ing to ripple out from the canvas. They cre­ated light using noth­ing more than a paint­brush, colour and emo­tion. These pow­er­ful pic­tures have the abil­ity to trans­port us into a dif­fer­ent world.

Landscapes brought to life with the help of inspiring design. We collected some of our favourite projects to showcase the power of collaboration.

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