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Energy effi­ci­ency and the reduc­tion of unwan­ted light emis­si­ons is an impor­tant issue for public ligh­ting, which accounts for a not incon­si­de­ra­ble share of elec­tri­city con­sump­tion in cities and muni­ci­pa­li­ties. Howe­ver, the fee­ling of secu­rity must not suffer.

Selux D-Tekt, a motion detec­tor devel­o­ped for street and street ligh­ting, solves this task per­fectly. Selux D-Tekt is an intel­li­gent and auto­no­mous device that maxi­mi­zes energy savings while ensu­ring safety as it auto­ma­ti­cally adjusts the ligh­ting level for motion detec­tion.
D-Tekts can com­mu­ni­cate with each other and thus let the light run along”.

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Construction housing made of polypropylene · 2 PIR (passive infra-red) sensors Mounting installation by two screws M4 to pole Finish Color: black Options Control output switched contact · DALI · radio module · adjustable overrun time · grouping · dimming profiles

Motion-controlled Light
Control of individual light spots
Light management system
Adaptive lighting
Collection of environmental data
Public wi-fi hotspots
Modules for public safety
Public information systems
Traffic- and parking space management
Charging of electrical cars
Charge + Light - Lademodul für Maste
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