Light profiles for gentle and atmospheric lighting

Our Circular Light Profiles produce light whose positive effects outweigh the negative ones for everyone: People and nature alike. Light that considers the needs of both the environment and people - and does so in a way that conserves resources as much as possible.

Light profiles for gentle and atmospheric lighting explained

Light to see, look and observe

Artificial light helps us humans to see at night. Light gives us security, guides our orientation, our movements and gazes and it invites us to pause and reflect. With good lighting, we create emotions, a cosy atmosphere, quality of life and even magical moments.

Atmospheric light

Especially where urban life takes place during the night, atmosphere, well-being and safety are important aspects of lighting. In addition to horizontal light, vertical light is particularly necessary for the feeling of space. This means that in urban spaces where people also come together and linger in the evening, the lighting should not only be a horizontal, two-dimensional surface, but should extend to 3-dimensional space via vertical surfaces. Vertical illumination of façades and street decoration creates a sense of space. At the same time, however, this vertical light component also illuminates the shapes and faces of pedestrians. This ensures that we are recognised and that we in turn recognise others better and can move safely.

"Dark Sky" to preserve the night’s natural rhythms and for the protection of biodiversity

On the other hand, vertical light is responsible for stray light. And as we know, a deep black night sky with twinkling stars is much more than just a really beautiful background for an urban space. A dark sky is important for the natural rhythms of nature and essential for the well-being of animals, plants and humans.

Human activity Our Lighting Profiles for atmospheric light balance human activities with the natural rhythms of plants and animals.

Light Profiles for gentle and atmospheric lighting

Circular Light Profiles by Selux

Learn more about the basic principle of our Circular Light Profiles, which challenges can be solved with them and which other profiles are currently available.

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