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The Alpha is the time-honou­red basis of urban design. The 630 mm dia­me­ter Alpha and 500 mm dia­me­ter Alp­hetta lumi­nai­res repre­sent a syn­the­sis of styles pro­vi­ding a ligh­ting solu­tion for both clas­si­cal and con­tem­po­rary archi­tec­ture. Equip­ped with MTR refrac­tor tech­no­logy the lumi­naire gene­ra­tes a pleasant light effect. It incor­po­ra­tes the light-ben­ding pro­per­ties of a prism; direc­ting the light pre­ci­sely where you need it most, with mini­mum inten­sity at planar vie­wing angles. Lam­ping opti­ons include state-of-the-art LED and high-inten­sity discharge lamps making the Alpha or Alp­hetta a long-las­ting, cost-effec­tive invest­ments.

  • Alpha



Construction aluminium top shade · clear PC diffuser · die-cast aluminium fitter Light source LED 2700K, 3000K, 4000K · HIT · HSE · HIE Light distribution symmetric · asymmetric Mounting for ∅ 90mm pole top Recommended pole height 4000-4500 mm Options LED controls

Alpha - Tritec Optic technology - Selux
Motion-controlled Light
Control of individual light spots
Light management system
Adaptive lighting
Collection of environmental data
Public wi-fi hotspots
Modules for public safety
Public information systems
Traffic- and parking space management
Charging of electrical cars
Charge + Light - Lademodul für Maste
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