Purity of light and form. Elo convinces with its minimalist design that blends virtuously into all kinds of environments.

Pure light all around the building

For pure light all around the building, the Elo family includes bollards, columns, wall-mounted and post-top luminaires. The slender cylindrical luminaires not only impress with the high lighting quality and efficiency of the Tritec optics, but also with their design. The minimised design language blends harmoniously into a wide variety of stylised architectural contexts. Elo thus forms a holistic system that, thanks to its versatility, enables lighting applications close to the building from a single source. Whether paths, entrance areas or driveways: Elo provides differentiated, balanced light for every situation and, as an elegant signpost, ensures safety and orientation.

Tritec A – Ambiance

Lighting with character

With its high proportion of vertical light and soft transitions, the triedand- tested Tritec Ambiance optics are particularly suitable for inner-city living spaces. As general lighting, it creates an airy, bright atmosphere due to the brightened façades. The brilliant effects of the Tritec Ambiance optics also provide a timeless splendour in inner cities, for historic lanes or busy squares. Tritec A – Ambiance

Tritec S – Sky

Extra precision

Lighting with Tritec Sky makes every urban space sensual and distinctive. The optics bring individual details like shapes, colours and textures to life by using the exact quantity of light required, without impairing the beauty of the environment, stars or night sky.

Atmosphere for urban quality of life

With golden reflectors and warm light, the Tritec optics integrated in the Elo create a homely atmosphere. This emphasises the individual character of streets, paths and squares – in harmony with the environment: due to the lower the colour temperature of the lighting, fewer insects and birds are influenced or irritated by it.

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Light distributions — Elo Pole top luminaire and Light column with Tritec A

asymm. street

Light distributions — Elo Bollard with Tritec A

asymm. pathway

Light distributions — Elo Pole top luminaire and Light column with Tritec S

asymm. street
asymm. street with pathway

Light distributions — Elo Bollard with Tritec S

asymm. pathway

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