Environmentally friendly lighting for species protection

Insects are an important component to the preservation of local ecosystems. These predominantly nocturnal creatures are especially sensitive to artificial light. Tal Shield was developed in collaboration with the Leibniz Institute (IGB) and the Department of Lighting Technology at the Technical University of Berlin. The luminaire protects the habitat of insects by minimising scattered light at their flight altitude. This means that insects hardly notice the light source from a distance and are not attracted to it.

Tal Shield
More than Dark Sky — no stray light on the flight path of insects

Tal Shield's luminaire design is constructed using special optics. With the help of distinctive glare shields, it ensures that only minimal light is emitted into the flight path of insects. The light is no longer visible from the luminaire itself, but rather on the roads and paths. It goes without saying that the lighting standards for road safety are still met.

Three optics for optimised light distributions

Three different optics are available each with unique light distributions which provide flexible and precise illumi­nation of various road geometries.

Maximum insect protection
Tal Shield in combination with our scientifically based ›Circular Light Profiles‹

Recent scientific studies show that many insect species lack receptors for light in the red wavelength range and are therefore less responsive to red light. A paradigm shift toward warm or red light sources may provide sufficient light for the human eye while also protecting insects. On the other hand, cool light from predominantly short-wave radiation is efficient and allows us to extend the daylight period in the cold months from autumn to winter for humans in an energy-conscious way.

Scientifically based modulation of light colour and light intensity at different times of the day and year

Tal Shield combined with ›Circular Light Profiles‹ considers the activities of insects and independently adjusts the light colour and light intensity to harmonise the needs of people and nature. This creates a new simplicity that makes sustainable lighting possible for all cities and communities. This thought-through intelligence is pre-installed in each luminaire on the Selux Core, eliminating the need for time-consuming planning and support — the luminaire is delivered plug-and-play and ready to use.

Light profiles combinable with Tal Shield

Biological Red
Safety with special biodiversity protection

Biological White
Safety with biodiversity protection

Adjusting White
Orientation for people, dark zones for nature

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