Light profiles designed for protection of biodiversity

Our circular light profiles produce light whose positive effects outweigh the negative ones for everyone: People and nature alike. Light that considers the needs of both the environment and people - and does so in a way that conserves resources as much as possible.

Light profiles designed for protection of biodiversity explained

Protection of insects and natural habitats

Above all, insect mortality affects our complex ecosystem and accelerates further species extinction among plants and animals. Among other things, artificial light disturbs insect flight patterns and influences the natural rhythms and behaviour of insects, animals and plants.

How insects perceive light

Recent scientific studies show that many insect species lack receptors for light in the red wavelength range and are therefore less responsive to red light. A paradigm shift toward warm or red light sources may provide sufficient light for the human eye while also protecting insects.

Efficiency and natural rhythms

On the other hand, cool light from predominantly short-wave radiation is efficient and allows us to extend the daylight period in the cold months from autumn to winter for humans in an energy-conscious way.

Our insect- and animal-friendly light profiles take into account the activities of a large proportion of insects and scientifically adjust the light colour and light intensity to the natural rhythms of insects and nature.

Light profiles for
insect and animal protection

Circular Light Profiles by Selux

Learn more about the basic principle of our Circular Light Profiles, which challenges can be solved with them and which other profiles are currently available.

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