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The staging of light

It is the atmosphere of individual residential areas, squares and neighbourhoods that define a city’s character. These places also have individual lighting needs if they are to promote a sense of well-being and quality of life. The Aira pole-top and pendant luminaires blend perfectly into different and heterogeneous environments while developing a distinctive presence. The heart of the Aira are the Tritec optics, which can be flexibly adjusted to the respective situation and lighting task with one or two modules, different light distributions and light colours. The transparent sleeves give designers further scope to harmonise the design of the luminaires with their surroundings. They are also capable of receiving radio waves, making the Aira ideal for use in Smart City scenarios.

Lightness and transparency

With its transparent, almost intangible-looking housing, the Aira luminaire shows just how harmoniously modern lighting can blend into urban environments creating an iridescent presence.

Shaped bodies for the Aira

Shaped bodies for the Aira create individual design accents. Whether an historical old town or a modern city – with its diversity of shapes, sizes and lighting technology, Aira transforms urban living spaces into individually designed feel-good places.

Atmosphere for urban quality of life

With golden reflectors and warm light, the Tritec optics integrated in the Aira create a homely atmosphere. This emphasises the individual character of streets, paths and squares - in harmony with the environment: due to the lower the colour temperature of the lighting, fewer insects and birds are influenced or irritated by it.

Minimal floating illumination

Aira as a pendant luminaire, catenary suspension or pendant bracket. Here too, the Tritec optics define the look. With one or two modules, various light distributions and light colours, the light technology adapts flexibly to the specific situation and its demands. As a pendant luminaire, Aira also generates a variable downlight portion, allowing sophisticated lighting tasks to be solved efficiently – on roads or squares, as well as in narrow lanes or under arcades.

Two optics for
greater flexibility

Tritec A – Ambiance

Lighting with character

With its high proportion of vertical light and soft transitions, the tried-and-tested Tritec Ambiance optics are particularly suitable for inner-city living spaces. As general lighting, it creates an airy, bright atmosphere due to the brightened facades. The brilliant effects of the Tritec Ambiance optics also provide a timeless splendour in inner cities, for historic lanes or busy squares.

Tritec S – Sky

Extra precision

Lighting with Tritec Sky makes every urban space sensual and distinctive. The optics bring individual details like shapes, colours and textures to life by using the exact quantity of light required, without impairing the beauty of the environment, stars or night sky.

Smart City

As if created for the Smart City

The transparent diffuser lets in radio signals, allowing smart functions to be invisibly integrated in the Tritec module, for example via a Zhaga interface.

Light distributions — Aira Pole top luminaire with Tritec A

Asymmetrical Street

Light distributions — Aira Pole top luminaire with Tritec S

Asymmetrical street with pathway
Asymmetrical Street

Light distributions — Aira Catenary luminaire with Tritec A


Light distributions — Aira Catenary luminaire with Tritec S

Asymmetrical street with pathway
Asymmetrical Street

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