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Quinta do Espírito Santo Garden


Quinta do Espírito Santo Garden

Odivelas, Portugal

Museums and monasteries, beaches and cafés - the atmospheric Portuguese capital Lisbon is multifaceted. Its surroundings are a magnet for locals and visitors alike. One of these is the Quinta do Espírito Santo estate, a true gem in Odivelas, a town ten kilometres northwest of Lisbon.

The Quinta do Espírito Santo was built in two storeys, with a mansard and skylights, and reflects 18th century architecture. On the right side of the main façade, there is a wrought-iron gate supported by two ashlar pillars with urns. Inside the palace, wall paintings stand out. They reveal a decoration inspired by neoclassical models but adapted to rural life in the Lisbon area, where nature was the main source of inspiration.

The adjoining small, geometrically laid-out garden bears witness to the importance of nature in the Baroque period. It has centenary trees and, in addition to areas with benches and tables, several elaborate fountains, one with a shell-coloured base and tiles representing a vase of flowers. Another with richly decorated motifs. The larger round fountain made of limestone forms the focal point of the garden.

The estate was architecturally and structurally renovated by the Odivelas municipality in a long process and opened to the public in 2023. The design of the garden is as special as its lighting is individual. Selux Aira luminaires have the ability to blend into different environments and at the same time develop an auratic presence. The heart of the Aira is the Tritec optic, which can be flexibly adjusted to the lighting task with one or two modules, different light distributions and light colours.

The garden of the Quinta do Espírito Santo is illuminated by Aira with the special shaped body "Tango" and gold-tinted reflectors. The Tritec optic integrated in Aira creates an atmospheric ambience with warm light. This underlines the individual character of this place – in harmony with the environment: the lower the colour temperature of the lighting, the less insects and birds are influenced and irritated by it.

object Lighting of the Quinta do Espírito Santo garden

developer Odivelas Municipality

landscape architect Jorge da Rosa Neves

electrical engineering Luís Seabra, Odivelas Municipality

photographer Gabriell Vieira

product Aira

features Special moulding, Tritec Gold


Shaped bodies for the Aira create individual design accents. With its diversity of shapes, sizes and lighting technology, Aira transforms urban living spaces into individually designed feel-good places.

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