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The Line: Crosses bound­aries, con­nects oppo­sites

21 January 2021

With the Line, Selux is rev­o­lu­tion­is­ing the look of street light­ing: it com­bines diverse func­tions in a rad­i­cally reduced design, and cre­ates new clar­ity in the urban land­scape.

Ver­ti­cal, linear optic mod­ules fit seam­lessly into a pure lumi­naire shape. Using inno­v­a­tive light­ing tech­nol­ogy, the Line han­dles all rel­e­vant light­ing tasks: from appli­ca­tions close to build­ings to light­ing squares, parks, streets and paths. To achieve this, the prod­uct family includes light columns, bol­lards, pole and wall-mounted lumi­naires as well as pole-top ver­sions for exist­ing poles – cre­at­ing a uni­ver­sal toolkit for light­ing. Micro­facetted reflec­tors pro­vide high visual com­fort and stan­dard-​com­pli­ant glare con­trol. The pre­ci­sion optics pre­vent light pol­lu­tion and illu­mi­nate res­i­den­tial spaces with respect to nature. Zhaga-​com­pli­ant inter­faces diver­si­fies the abil­i­ties of the Line, enabling it to con­nect with intel­li­gent Smart City options.

The Line sup­ports indi­vid­ual light­ing con­cepts not just in its diver­sity of light­ing tech­nol­ogy mod­ules. The pos­si­bil­ity of com­bin­ing dif­fer­ent lumi­naire sur­faces, colour tem­per­a­tures and reflec­tor fin­ishes pro­vide the free­dom to align light­ing design to the sur­round­ings: a con­trast-​rich look comb­ing con­crete, gold reflec­tors and warm light colours or a time­less look fusing tra­di­tional steel with silver reflec­tors: both are equally easy. The Line: flex­i­ble in its form, diverse in its appli­ca­tions, pure in its appear­ance.

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