The light profile »Dynamic Path« combines atmosphere, orientation, dark sky and efficiency, set to the environment’s natural rhythm

Lighting in urban spaces enables safety. In addition to light color and light quantity, light distribution is essential for spatial awareness and orientation.

Light distributions are planned for a specific purpose with each applicaiton in mind. Be it the size of a square or the width of a street. These have been traditionally static implementations.

The »Dynamic Path« light profile enables highly efficient, intelligent lighting that dynamically adapts to its environment.

Lighting can easily change the way a place is used or experienced in order to create beauty, but also can be adjusted to protect spaces with darkness for nature conservation.

The horizontal light distribution and light intensity is intelligently adjusted in the course of a night and year to bring balance to both human and ecological needs

Dynamic Path intelligently balances wide and narrow light distributions on the horizontal surface. The higher uniformity of the wide light distribution ensures safety during the high traffic evening hours. During late night hours, the light distribution and light intensity are reduced, creating a calm cityscape with high visual comfort. At the same time, the narrow light distribution protects the night sky from stray light. By reducing the amount of light, 50% or more energy can be saved and light emissions are significantly reduced.

The course of a day


During early evening, wide light distribution and high light intensity


Narrow light distribution and reduced light intensity in the late evening


Narrow light distribution and reduced light intensity during the later hours


Towards dawn a wide light distribution and high light intensity

The »Dynamic Path« light profile adapts to the times of sunrise and sunset throughout the year so that the lighting is always sensible. This means that the time artificial light is used is longer in winter and shorter in summer. The lighting effect can thus be varied through the year, for example, lengthened during the opening hours of shops in winter.

The course of a year




Luminaires available with the »Dynamic Path« light profile

The thought-through intelligence is entirely pre-programmed in each luminaire. The luminaire is installed and commissioned just as before. There is no need for time-consuming planning and support. The only thing we need from you is the location and type of space of your project. Based on this information, the sun path and other intelligence are automatically calculated and programmed.

Circular Light Profiles by Selux

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