Sustainability to the point.
Solar lighting in harmony with nature.

Off-grid, sustainable and economical

With our solar lights, which simply generate their own energy and make light available independently of existing power grids, you can realize lighting in harmony with nature and protect the environment and resources. As "off-grid" solutions, our solar lights operate completely self-sufficiently: electricity and development costs are eliminated, installation is quick and trouble-free for the surrounding area. An integrated GSM module allows monitoring and control around the clock. Luminous flux and energy consumption are continuously optimized to make the best possible use of the battery charge and to reduce light emissions to a minimum. Together with the Night Sky optics, this protects the natural night sky and the natural rhythms of plant and animal life.

Gentle to nature.
Emission-free and intelligent

Valetta solar light has intelligent control for light and battery. The integrated controller connects the light, solar panel and battery pack. An algorithm ensures optimal energy management so that enough energy is available even in the months with less sunlight. The battery charging processes are controlled by a controller and energy consumption is optimized with intelligent dimming profiles. This makes the best possible use of the stored solar energy to enable reliable operation throughout the night.

24/7 monitoring and control

Each Valetta solar luminaire is equipped with Go Live online control and monitoring. This enables 24/7 monitoring of the luminaires through remote access and offers a wide range of static and dynamic lighting scenarios - from simple dimming functions to the realization of complex requirements.

  • Lighting profile according to customer requirements, can be changed online
  • Group/row switching
  • Frequency measurement
  • No additional costs for internet connection, activation or data consumption
  • Motion detector PIR integrated
  • Motion detector radar optional


Photovoltaic module 60Wp/120Wp

Luminous flux (max.) 1200lm

Light point height 4m/5m

Battery 13Ah/12V, 26Ah/12V, 39Ah/12V


Photovoltaic module 120Wp

Luminous flux (max.) 4200lm

Light point height 4m/5m

Battery 26Ah/12V, 39Ah/12V


Photovoltaic module 120Wp

Luminous flux (max.) 2400lm

Light point height 4m/5m

Battery 26Ah/12V

Light in the natural rhythm of life of plants and animals

Valetta Solar in combination with "Circular Light Profiles" brings the needs of man and nature into harmony on a scientific basis by independently adjusting light colors and light intensity depending on the time of year and day.

Night Sky

Thanks to the precise optics, Valetta does not produce any disturbing stray light and thus protects the night sky from light pollution.


Emission-free power generation

Off-grid and cost-efficient: self-sufficient solution for "off-grid" regions

No cost-intensive cable laying work

Fast and effortless installation

No energy costs

24/7 monitoring and control

Intelligent control

Individual dimming and motion profiles adapted to the situation

Efficient use of materials for a sustainable future

The responsible use of nature and resources is our focus. Therefore, the luminaire design of Valetta is maximally mimicked to use only as much material as necessary. Valetta is designed in such a way that future developments can also be integrated at a later date to guarantee "light for generations" as a service. For this purpose, the luminaire head is fed into a recycling system and possible components are carefully reconditioned and reused.

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