A unique design for the lighting of Le Grand-Pont in Lausanne


Le Grand-Pont in Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland

A work of art that crosses the Flon Valley is the Grand-Pont bridge in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is part and an essential element of Lausanne's road system known as the "Pichard Belt", whose construction in the 19th century facilitated access to the city. In January 2022 the Grand-Pont was closed for renovation and after ten months of works, it reopens its doors to traffic.

For the lighting, which was also part of the renovation, the choice was made in favour of our luminaires Aira. The heart of the Aira is the Tritec S optics, which can be flexibly adapted to the lighting situation and task, with one or two modules, different light distributions and color temperatures. The transparent bowls give the possibility of harmonizing the luminaires design with their environment. The Parisian designer Marc Aurel concepted the new lighting columns, modern and classic at the same time, for this project in Lausanne. Their unique design with the double support must stand the test of time according to their creator.

With golden reflectors and warm light, the Tritec S optics integrated into the Aira create a cozy ambience. This em­phasizes the individual character of places by using just the right amount of light required, without detracting from the beauty of the surroundings, the stars or the night sky. In terms of energy efficiency, Aira luminaires with the Tritec S module consume 74% less than their predecessors.

object Le Grand-Pont

client City of Lausanne

architect Designer Marc Aurel

electrical installation SIL Service Industriel de Lausanne

project management Studio Marc Aurel

photographer Andreas Stenger

product Aira

special features special socket for mounting on the pole


The housing of the Aira luminaires appear light and transparent, almost intangible and blend harmoniously in modern environments. With its diversity of shapes, sizes and lighting technology, Aira transforms urban living spaces into individually designed feel-good places.

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