Prater Vienna, Austria

Calafati­platz is a square in the famous Volk­sprater amuse­ment park in Prater park in Vienna. The square is named after a nine-meter tall figure of a Chi­nese man, which once adorned Basilio Calafati´s carousel, a stone replica of which can be found on the square.

Calafati square is now resplen­dent in a new light. The fif­teen Lif light columns pro­vide par­tic­u­larly har­mo­nious illu­mi­na­tion of the square. All light columns are highly dis­tinc­tive due to their extra white color. Along with a top ele­ment for illu­mi­na­tion of the square with the Tritec-Optic some of the Lifs also have an empty holder ele­ment. The holder ele­ments have spe­cial con­trast­ing green paint on the inside, making them a real eye-catcher and visual dec­o­ra­tion – the same color as the green flag­stones on the sur­face of the square.

project: Calafatiplatz in the Prater

architect: Weinhäupl Architekten

photographer: Werner Huthmacher

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