For the city
Rather than a far-off vision of the future, the chan­ge­over to net­wor­ked cities is alre­ady hap­pe­ning around us and across the world, big cities are also gro­wing. The inc­re­asing overc­ro­w­ding is pre­sen­ting human beings with huge chal­len­ges when it comes to com­mu­nal living. At the same time, digi­ta­li­sa­tion is pro­vi­ding new oppor­tu­ni­ties in orga­ni­zing how we live our lives toget­her and inc­re­asing the quality of life in cities. Alre­ady today, light is an essen­tial part of the urban inf­rast­ruc­ture. Smart Ligh­ting sees Selux take this a step furt­her, buil­ding new brid­ges to ensure a smart future for our cities.

For soci­ety
Less con­ges­tion, better ori­en­ta­tion, more infor­ma­tion and safety – smart, net­wor­ked tech­no­logy has huge poten­tial for inc­re­asing the quality of life in our cities. Both new and exis­ting ligh­ting stock is alre­ady a com­po­nent part of the inf­rast­ruc­ture but with Selux Smart Ligh­ting, it can become a key ele­ment in the smart city of tomor­row

Possible Smart City Features

  • Premium quality Selux optics generate optimal light for a high level of visual comfort, generating quality of life and safety in public areas – both indoors and outdoors.

  • Light interacts with human beings and responds to the widest variety of user requirements. In this way regulated light that is needs-adjusted enables responsible use of resources; – increasing energy efficiency and reducing light pollution.

  • Luminaires are ideal for building up digital networks. Each luminaire can be controlled and regulated individually - data is captured locally, forwarded via the network and processed centrally on a server. Modern encryption standards ensure security of all data.

  • Integrated WiFi interfaces transform luminaires into hotspots and enable simple internet access – whether for free, public or commercial use.

  • Cameras integrated within luminaires or poles foster safety in public spaces. In combination with appropriate software, image data can be recorded in real time and analysed.

  • Luminaires can also take on acoustic functions in public spaces using integrated loudspeakers, enabling information or music to be played back over large spaces. Data can be allocated individually to certain loudspeakers and specific luminaires equipped with emergency functions.

  • Especially in cities, electromobility is one of the great topics of the future. With Charge+Light, Selux is already making a comprehensive contribution to charging of electric cars. Light poles are ideal for such charging operations because, as well as the energy source, they also provide enough light for them to be used at nighttime - a crucial safety aspect.

  • Integrated sensors sense their surroundings, collate data on this and transfer it in real time. This enables analyses to be drawn up and scenarios developed in order to regulate traffic flows or optimise logistics chains. Our goal is to support our customers and partners in using data to generate benefits for people and society.

Smart City luminaires by Selux

Con­nec­ted to Life – for a better quality of life

Key ques­ti­ons in the use of smart tech­no­lo­gies are: How can we use it to imp­rove our lives, make them more enjo­yable, inte­res­ting and safer? Smart Ligh­ting by Selux fol­lows the Con­nec­ted to Life“ prin­ciple – rather than an end in itself, tech­no­logy is clo­sely con­nec­ted to life and the needs, expec­ta­ti­ons and poten­tial of human beings. This is a stra­tegy dep­lo­yed by Selux to make the smart city a goal that is worth stri­ving for – a city with a sus­ta­inable quality of life for all.

Urban ligh­ting forms a logi­cal basis for this app­ro­ach since it pro­vi­des a huge number of ins­tal­la­tion points with a ready supply of elect­ri­city. In this way smart lumi­na­ires become nodes in an exten­sive digi­tal net­work – a new role for ligh­ting tech­no­logy, for which Selux is opti­mally pre­pa­red. Con­sis­tently modu­lar pro­ducts like the Lif light column pro­vide the opti­mal pre­re­qu­isi­tes for the integ­ra­tion of smart func­ti­ons. The pro­fo­und tech­ni­cal unders­tan­ding of Selux’ experts enab­les us to work with cus­to­mers, users and part­ners to devise solu­ti­ons that are per­fectly tailo­red to indi­vi­dual situ­ati­ons.

Selux Smart City Test Facility

Dis­co­ver our on site Berlin test faci­lity in person — we look for­ward to your visit!

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