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Tuesday 13 March 2018

Inula bollard – using light to design the night

These days, rather than more light, public spaces around buil­dings, in parks or on other sites requ­ire gre­ater light pre­ci­sion. For­tu­na­tely, tools like the new Inula bol­lard by Selux have been desig­ned with pre­ci­sely this goal in mind. Phy­si­cally redu­ced to the ext­reme on their exte­rior dimen­si­ons, they pro­vide highly effi­ci­ent, gla­re­less and scat­te­red light as well as a wide range of pos­si­bi­li­ties for the use of light in the design of public spaces.

During dark­ness, public spaces deve­lop a cha­rac­ter enti­rely of their own. Good ligh­ting design is impe­ra­tive in order to make these areas feel safe and invi­ting to pedest­ri­ans. Yet this needs to be done in such a way that the nega­tive effect of light pol­lu­tion and glare is not exces­sive. As well as plan­ning sen­si­ti­vely, here there is a need for lumi­na­ires that offer a wide range of pos­si­bi­li­ties for design yet wit­hout their being too obt­ru­sive. Bol­lard lumi­na­ires like the Inula by Selux can play a dual role in ligh­ting con­cepts of this type. As bol­lards, their pre­sence alone serves to deli­ne­ate spaces while, as a light source, the Inula can use its fle­xible ligh­ting tech­no­logy for effec­tive, ground-level illu­mi­na­tion.

The Inula’s basic form could not be simp­ler, comp­ri­sing a solid tubu­lar pro­file with a diame­ter of 20 cm in seve­ral heights. The key to its inno­va­tion is its ligh­ting tech­no­logy, with its spe­ci­ally desig­ned, highly disc­reet appe­arance. When illu­mi­na­ted, its matt black, quad­ra­ti­cally split light exit area is unobt­ru­sive and gla­re­less while at the same time shi­el­ding the LED light source from direct line of sight. This makes the Inula ideal for sen­si­tive areas close to nature.

The bol­lard lumi­na­ire emits no light what­so­ever in upward direc­tion as has been offi­ci­ally recog­ni­zed by the Inter­na­ti­onal Dark Sky Asso­ci­ation. By cont­rast, bol­lard illu­mi­na­tion at ground level is highly effi­ci­ent and vari­able using three dif­fe­rent cha­rac­te­ris­tics. The Inula is ava­ilable with seve­ral designs of active light quad­rants: single (for­ward 90°) beaming, double, side-by-side (asym­met­ri­cal 180°) beaming or quad­ruple (sym­met­ri­cal 360°) beaming. Common to all these light dist­ri­bu­ti­ons is the uni­form nature of the planar illu­mi­na­tion, which emp­loys visibly soft tran­si­ti­ons.

As well as the vari­ous direc­ti­onal cha­rac­te­ris­tics, the Inula also offers a range of addi­ti­onal vari­ation opti­ons so that the bol­lard can be indi­vi­du­ally adap­ted to the rele­vant app­li­ca­tion. The LED modu­les are ava­ilable in the lumi­nous colo­urs 3000 K or 4000 K while the tubu­lar pro­fi­les come in powder-coated Selux grap­hite or in a cus­to­mer-spe­ci­fic colour. The pro­file mate­rial itself con­sists of a par­ti­cu­larly cor­ro­sion-resis­tant alu­mi­nium alloy. Housing and elect­ro­nic com­po­nents con­form to the hig­hest Selux stan­dards, ensu­ring reli­able ope­ra­tion in public spaces for years to come.

March 2018

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