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Olivio Wood - Revitalize the outdoors

With Olivio Wood you can provide a fresh emphasis in exterior areas, lending these places a distinctive identity. The result is public spaces in harmony with nature, where people feel good. Olivio Floracion Wood combines wood as a renewable raw material with highly durable aluminium in special surface colours – beautiful and sustainable at the same time.

Design unique lumi­na­ires that blend in with arc­hi­tec­ture

Wood — long-las­ting sus­ta­ina­bi­lity and ele­gance

  • Durable wood com­bi­ned with long-las­ting powder coated steel foun­da­tion
  • The care­fully selec­ted scots pine is grown in sus­ta­inable forests, and is mois­ture-regu­la­ing, ligh­t­we­ight and easily main­ta­inable
  • Poles are finis­hed with a 5 stage weat­her resis­tant stain for las­ting quality and lon­ge­vity
  • Two design lines — Flo­ra­cion and Sis­tema
  • Six dif­fe­rent colour shades for all styles of arc­hi­tec­ture: three graded shades of brown for a par­ti­cu­larly warm and natu­ral effect as well as three shades of grey for a more neut­ral appe­arance in urban areas.

Ligh­ting tech­no­logy — pre­cise and fle­xible

  • Ligh­ting of roads, paths, squ­ares, sur­fa­ces or objects
  • Pre­mium quality gobo pro­jec­tors for a wide range of pro­jec­ti­ons such as logos, grap­hics, texts and pho­tog­raphs
  • The arran­ge­ment of the lumi­na­ire heads can be indi­vi­du­ally con­fi­gu­red for fle­xible and effi­ci­ent illu­mi­na­tion with a high level of visual com­fort
  • Colour tem­pe­ra­tu­res ava­ilable as stan­dard : 2,700 K, 3,000K, 4000K, RGB
  • Wide range of lumi­na­ire colour finis­hes
  • Needs-based light cont­rol for con­ser­va­tion of energy and costs
  • Smart-city ready: sen­sors, came­ras or louds­pe­akers can be opti­onally integ­ra­ted

Let’s make cities more sus­ta­inable and att­rac­tive. Toget­her.
Do not hesi­tate to con­tact us for furt­her infor­ma­tion.

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