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LED — saving energy using cont­rols

Selux LED lumi­na­ires can be switc­hed and dimmed across seve­ral inter­fa­ces (DALI, DMX, 1-10V). Use of intel­li­gent cont­rol enab­les light to be dimmed indi­vi­du­ally accor­ding to cus­to­mer requ­ire­ments. This user ori­en­ted dim­ming option redu­ces energy con­sump­tion and makes a sig­ni­fi­cant cont­ri­bu­tion to lowe­ring CO2 emis­si­ons. Seve­ral cont­rol opti­ons are ava­ilable:

Fixed set­ting – cons­tant low-energy ope­ra­tion
In this ope­ra­ting mode the lumi­na­ire is not run at full power but main­ta­ined at a cons­tant lower power set­ting. The power set­ting can be adjus­ted to meet site requ­ire­ments.

Phase cont­rol­led night-time switc­hing – switc­hable low-energy ope­ra­tion
In the case of phase cont­rol­led night-time switc­hing the lumi­na­ire can be switc­hed bet­ween two power set­tings. The two power set­tings can be con­fi­gu­red as requ­ired.

Dyna­mic – low-energy ope­ra­tion with up to five dim­ming set­tings
The dyna­mic cont­rol enab­les low power ope­ra­tion of the lumi­na­ire at up to five dif­fe­rent values. Power levels are prog­ram­med indi­vi­du­ally for each lumi­na­ire in the fac­tory.

CLT – Cons­tant Lumen Tech­no­logy
The use of CLT ensu­res a cons­tant lumen output of the lumi­na­ire over the course of its life­time. The deg­ra­da­tion of LED is main­ta­ined by read­just­ment of power. This makes for addi­ti­onal bene­fits on LED life­time. In this way the poten­tial for savings is fully exp­lo­ited by means of an ide­ally con­fi­gu­red ligh­ting system.

With AmpDim func­tion, the lumi­na­ire might be dimmed via its input vol­tage. A sepa­rate cont­rol line is not requ­ired. The cor­re­la­tion bet­ween input vol­tage and dim­ming level is set by prog­ram­ming sof­t­ware for the ECG. If the amp­li­tude of the input vol­tage drops below a pre­vi­o­usly defi­ned value, dim­ming is acti­va­ted. With AmpDim you can switch bet­ween two bright­ness steps.

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