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World Trade Center Memorial
New York City, USA

  • project World Trade Center Memorial
  • architect Handel Architects; Davis Brody Bond Architects
  • landscape architect Peter Walker & Partners
  • lighting designer Fisher Marantz Stone
  • photographer Ines Long, Archphoto

The World Trade Center Memo­rial in New York City is the cent­re­pi­ece of the new World Trade Center. Strict design guide­li­nes regar­ding sus­ta­ina­bi­lity had to be obser­ved for the plan­ning of Memo­rial Plaza. Bearing this in mind, Lands­cape Arc­hi­tect Peter Walker and Light Desig­ner Paul Marantz opted to work with Selux to deve­lop the ligh­ting for this envi­ron­men­tally-fri­endly public space.

Effi­ci­ent, design-ori­en­ted steles were ins­tal­led using MTR columns, the shape of which recalls the arc­hi­tec­tu­ral lan­gu­age of the Twin Towers. The luminaire’s MTR ref­rac­tors attain long cas­ting tra­jec­to­ries with maxi­mum anti-glare pro­per­ties, ensu­ring opti­mum visual com­fort for visi­tors to the plaza at this spe­cial New York City site. The pro­ject is cur­rently under­go­ing the LEED Gold cer­ti­fi­ca­tion pro­ce­dure and has been plan­ned to comply with the requ­ire­ments of both the New York State Exe­cu­tive Order 11 and the WTC Sus­ta­ina­bi­lity Design Guide­li­nes.

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