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Oxford Sokağı
Londra, İngiltere

  • project Oxford Sokağı

West­mins­ter City’nin Ana Bul­varı Urbi 3 sis­temi tara­fın­dan aydın­la­tıldı. Marble Arch ve Oxford Circus Metro istas­yonu ara­sında yer alan çeşitli avi­ze­ler, tak­si­ler, oto­büs­ler ve fla­nör­lere eşlik etmek­te­dir.

  • Urbi fixtures and poles provide urban architects and city planners an all-encompassing, smartly engineered system solution for street and pedestrian lighting as well as for traffic signals and signage. The well-thought out designs of the pole and arm configurations are graceful as well as multi-purpose with integral connecting nodes for equipment mounting and flexible streetscape enhancements. Three different designs are available and their optimised light technology makes for maximum visual comfort, enabling ultra-efficient lighting schemes that conform to international standards for a wide range of environments.

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