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In order to shape the future,
we need to make changes in the present.“

Selux is expand­ing. In Berlin. In Ger­many and Europe.

Our basic idea is that if, as a group, we work together on a common goal about which we are con­vinced and if we focus pri­mar­ily on the matter we want to achieve com­mu­nally, we can create some­thing spe­cial. Our aim is to be the part­ner for designer. Our tools in doing this are well thought-out prod­ucts, open com­mu­ni­ca­tion and, of course, pro­fes­sion­al­ism in deal­ings with one another. We are on the search for the per­fect prod­uct and the per­fect ser­vice – and for people who want to join us in this search. We want people who are demand­ing, coura­geous and who have a sense of aes­thet­ics.

We are look­ing for you. Why not apply today by send­ing an appli­ca­tion to us!


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