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Växjö, Sweden

  • project Vattentorget
  • landscape architect Sydväst arkitektur och landskap, Malmo
  • lighting designer ÅF Lighting
  • design West 8 design and landscape architecture
  • photographer Werner Nystrand
  • Representation Selux Sverige

The small uni­ver­sity town in the south of Sweden is embed­ded bet­ween a mul­ti­tude of waters inclu­ding Lake Växjö. The Vat­ten­t­or­get is a popu­lar mee­ting point directly alongside the lake. The Sydväst bureau was comis­si­o­ned with the rede­s­ign of the Vat­ten­t­or­get, making use of the oppor­tu­nity to opti­mise the link bet­ween park and Lake Växjö at the same time.

The rede­s­ig­ned Vat­ten­t­or­get is espe­ci­ally inten­ded to improve usage of this splen­did water­side loca­tion while at the same time for­ming a closed-off area con­nec­ting the water­front pro­me­na­des around the lake. The goal was the­re­fore to develop the visual axis from the park to lake, making sure the open, paved area towards the town remai­ned avai­la­ble for ver­sa­tile use. To enable the charac­ter of this water­side loca­tion to remain clearly visi­ble at night time, the Sydväst plan­ners also spe­ci­fied reser­ved, zero glare ligh­ting that doesn’t impair the view.

As a tech­ni­cal basis for ligh­ting, the plan­ners opted for the Olivio because of its balan­ced shape and friendly, orga­nic design – espe­ci­ally impor­tant since the light pole occu­pies a soli­tary posi­tion. With its pro­jec­ted pat­terns the ligh­ting is remi­nis­cent of sun­light cast through foli­age. It also cre­a­tes a space with sojourn qua­lity during dark­ness that sets itself apart from the sur­roun­dings and from the lake‘s surface.

  • The organic design of Olivio and its functional versatility due to the modular design of this luminaire family is inspired by role models from nature. As a result Olivio forms the basis for light concepts in urban living areas where the focus is on the well-being of people. Olivio luminaire heads are available in the sizes Grande, Medio and Piccolo and can be combined with various arms and pole types from the three design lines Sistema, Floracion and Candelabra. Yet it is not just the design that can be adapted individually according to the situation – various optics and light colours from 2,700 to 4,000 Kelvin also cater for challenging lighting tasks efficiently and without glare: from illumination of paths and squares, floodlighting of façades and accent lighting of buildings. The new Olivio Cap also reduces light scatter and for special requirements, with its camera and loudspeaker modules, Olivio can be integrated into smart application scene. The special wooden-pole aesthetic emphasizes the Olivio's high quality, organic luminaire design. Combined with luminaire heads in a harmonoius colour tone such as bronze, this results in a timelessly comforting spatial ambience.

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