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Olivio for the Waterfront Lillsjöplan
Jönköping, Sweden

  • project Waterfront Lillsjöplan
  • client Jönköping Municipality
  • landscape architect Sydväst arckitektur & landskap AB, Malmö
  • lighting designer Tor Olsson, Jönköping Municipality
  • photographer Per Johansson
  • Representation Selux AB, Sweden

Life by the water­side is fas­ci­na­ting. For many years now, plan­ners have been turning water­fronts in many towns and cities into attrac­tive, liva­ble places. As well as incre­a­sing the awa­re­ness of nature in towns and cities, this has also impro­ved qua­lity for life for resi­dents and visi­tors. With this pro­ject, plan­ners used water as an addi­ti­o­nal design ele­ment to create a new public living space in Jön­kö­ping in the Swe­dish pro­vince of Små­land.

In this indu­strial town on the sou­t­hern peri­me­ter of Lake Vät­tern a water­front pro­me­nade arose in 2016 with a spa­cious square – for spen­ding time, relaxing and for playing in the water.

During dark­ness the light cre­a­tes a dis­tinc­tive atmos­p­here, len­ding Lillsjöplan’s urban space a unique iden­tity. The ligh­ting con­cept uses the Olivio Sis­tema design line with Grande-sized and Medio-sized lumi­naire heads: in total 30 Olivio spots have been instal­led in a dyna­mic RGBW con­fi­gu­ra­tion on six 10-metre high poles for the illu­mi­na­tion of the square. The Olivio RGBW lumi­nai­res enable unli­mi­ted colour diver­sity too. The spe­cial RGBW optics is based on a cir­cu­lar arran­ge­ment of colou­red and white LEDs in a rota­tion-sym­me­tri­cal, freely-con­fi­gu­ra­ble reflec­tor. Its geo­me­try ena­bles pre­ci­sion colour mixing con­tai­ned enti­rely within the optics unit.

Alongside the bicy­cle path 6-metre high poles have been used, each of which is fitted with three Medio-sized lumi­nai­res heads, ensu­ring a har­mo­nious light set­ting. With their orga­nic floral design, the lumi­nai­res emp­ha­sise the cur­ving lines of the water­front while their shape also har­mo­ni­ses with the long, cur­ving bench that winds along the lake­side. At night, the emit­ted light bathes the sur­roun­ding area in either white or colou­red light as desi­red – an addi­ti­o­nal sty­lis­tic ele­ment that accen­tu­a­tes the design of the exte­rior water­front by means of colou­red light, the­reby enhan­cing the ambience.

  • The distinctive Olivio family is a modern, striking, multifunctional urban lighting system, available in three different sizes with interchangeable reflectors for street and accent lighting applications. This flexible lighting system can be equipped with optical accessories such as honeycomb and ring louvres, coloured and elongation lenses offering further effects and control. Olivio Sistema, Candelabra and Floracion poles and brackets provide total freedom of design and flexible planning.
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