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Lif for Tipner Lake, Portsmouth

  • project Tipner Lake, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
  • client Portsmouth City Council, Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership
  • landscape architect Royal Haskoning DHV and LDA Design
  • photographer Amphitype
  • Representation Selux UK

Tipner Lake in Ports­mouth is con­nec­ted to the sea so that it forms part of the har­bour in this south Eng­land city. Rege­ne­ra­tion of the coas­tal path by Tipner Lake recently com­ple­ted to pro­tect the north of Ports­mouth from rising sea levels. The popu­lar coas­tal path here is illu­mi­na­ted using Selux Lif light columns.

Work on Tipner Lake’s coas­tal path was part of the North Port­sea Island Coas­tal Defence Scheme to pro­tect houses, busi­nes­ses and infra­struc­ture from flooding and was funded using 58.5 mil­lion pounds of govern­ment money. As part of this rege­ne­ra­tion, a pro­tec­tive wall was built, the coas­tal path recon­struc­ted and new sea­ting areas and vie­wing points cre­a­ted pro­vi­ding a view of Tipner Lake. The new coas­tal path­way is illu­mi­na­ted using Lif light columns fitted with double Tritec modu­les. The modu­lar Tritec optics ope­ra­tes using LEDs arran­ged in a cir­cu­lar shape, which are alig­ned hori­zon­tally to the road­way. Prism rings and a con­cave reflec­tor cone ensure opti­mal light guid­ance and anti-glare.

Due to their reser­ved colour and pure, mini­ma­list design, the lumi­nai­res blend dis­cre­tely into the natu­ral envi­ron­ment, appe­a­ring to have having grown out of the ground with their sur­roun­dings. Here the tech­ni­cal has been redu­ced to the light-giving Tritec module. Des­pite the Lif’s strict geo­me­tric shape, it incor­po­ra­tes natu­ral, orga­nic charac­te­ris­tics and pro­vi­des opti­mal ligh­ting for spaces like the popu­lar Tipner Lake coas­tal path.

  • Cities are lively, vibrant places that are always in motion. Changes in use within communal spaces or multi-functional concepts are transforming urban spaces and with it, the requirements for lighting. As a modular system luminaire in the shape of a slim, cylindrical light column, Lif provides full freedom for the creation of light settings in urban spaces and the smart implementation of these using networked functions. More flexible than any other luminaire, it adapts itself to the widest variety of urban lighting tasks. By day, Lif occupies a reserved role in the cityscape but it is during darkness that it demonstrates its true versatility – depending on the configuration, it can be transformed into a luminaire for squares or pathways, an accent light, or even all of these at once, while at all times remaining a minimalist light column. Lighting tools like the pathway module or the Gobo projector for eyecatching projection effects expand and enhance the scope of planning. New spacer elements in four heights perfectly complement the versatile configuration options of Lif, while smart components like a loudspeaker module, camera, or WiFi element make this light column a key element in smart cities.

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