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Olivio at Selmas Park
Gothenburg, Sweden

  • project Selma Lagerlöfs Parkstråk
  • architect ÅWL Arkitekter / Maja Forsberg
  • lighting designer Light Bureau
  • photographer Felix Gerlach
  • Representation Selux Sverige

The rapidly gro­wing suburb of Backa in Gothen­burg is one of the most impor­tant devel­op­ment areas in the city. Selmas Park is a new green hub there for lei­sure acti­vi­ties, mee­ting people and recre­a­tion. The ligh­ting for this green­space, which has a highly varied design and is aimed at both young and old, uses lumi­nai­res from the Olivio Sis­tema design line.

Backa’s new urban con­cept com­bi­nes modern houses with exis­ting buil­dings erec­ted in Sweden during the Mil­lion Pro­gramme era of the 1960s. The draft for Selmas Park by the lands­cape archi­tects’ bureau ÅWL Arki­tek­ter focus­sed on social sustai­na­bi­lity and inte­gra­tion. The goal was to create a park lands­cape with a strong iden­tity, in which citi­zens can con­nect with one ano­ther.

It is Backa’s his­tory as a garden suburb, which inspi­res the new Selmas Park. In the 19th cen­tury, a series of far­my­ards arose here and Backa became the garden of Gothenburg’s local eco­nomy, sup­ply­ing resi­dents with fruit, vege­ta­bles and flo­wers. But what about the safety con­cept for a new green­space desig­ned for recre­a­ti­o­nal use? The chal­lenge was to pro­vide small, inti­mate places where the various users can inter­act wit­hout this resul­ting in an unsafe envi­ron­ment,” explains Lands­cape Archi­tect Maja Fors­berg, who was res­pon­si­ble for the pro­ject at ÅWL Archi­tects. Together with light desig­ners from Light Bureau, a ligh­ting con­cept was devel­o­ped that increa­ses the fee­ling of safety and sup­ports the location’s key focus – play and lei­sure acti­vi­ties.

The majo­rity of the park lands­cape is illu­mi­na­ted using white LED light, which ensu­res better recog­ni­tion of colours and hence of faces. Colou­red light pro­vi­des accent ligh­ting for the entrance area and playground. As well as incre­a­sing the attrac­ti­ve­ness of the site, it is desig­ned to encou­rage visi­tors to par­t­ake in acti­vi­ties.

The main path through the park is illu­mi­na­ted using Olivio lumi­nai­res on low poles. The illu­mi­na­ted path­ways indi­cate their course wit­hout cau­sing exces­sive scat­ter light, the­reby pro­vi­ding orien­ta­tion during dark­ness. Areas for lei­sure acti­vi­ties are lit using Olivio lumi­nai­res on higher poles to attain wider and more uni­form illu­mi­na­tion of these spaces while addi­ti­o­nal Olivio gobo spots are on hand to pro­vide artis­tic light pro­jec­ti­ons. Tar­ge­ted light set­tings of trees around the main square cre­a­tes an atmos­p­heric ambience – making for a sustai­na­ble and safe loca­tion brist­ling with life and action.

  • The organic design of Olivio and its functional versatility due to the modular design of this luminaire family is inspired by role models from nature. As a result Olivio forms the basis for light concepts in urban living areas where the focus is on the well-being of people. Olivio luminaire heads are available in the sizes Grande, Medio and Piccolo and can be combined with various arms and pole types from the three design lines Sistema, Floracion and Candelabra. Yet it is not just the design that can be adapted individually according to the situation – various optics and light colours from 2,700 to 4,000 Kelvin also cater for challenging lighting tasks efficiently and without glare: from illumination of paths and squares, floodlighting of façades and accent lighting of buildings. The new Olivio Cap also reduces light scatter and for special requirements, with its camera and loudspeaker modules, Olivio can be integrated into smart application scene. The special wooden-pole aesthetic emphasizes the Olivio's high quality, organic luminaire design. Combined with luminaire heads in a harmonoius colour tone such as bronze, this results in a timelessly comforting spatial ambience.

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