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Lif at Noorderboulevard
Scheveningen, The Netherlands

  • client City of Den Haag
  • lighting designer Studio DL
  • photographer JuistInBeeld
  • Representation Selux Benelux NV

Sche­ve­nin­gen boasts one of the most beau­ti­ful bea­ches in the Nether­lands. Nature and big city living come head to head here – with all the poten­tial and pro­blems that entails. The sea­side resort, part of The Hague, is situ­a­ted around 50 km to the south-west of Amster­dam and sits right at the centre of the extre­mely highly den­sely popu­la­ted »Rand­stad« mega­lo­po­lis that is home to over 8 mil­lion people. The Hague is expe­ri­men­ting with the county’s first »Living Lab« pro­ject, with inno­va­tive »Smart City Hubs« that are loo­king at how smart tech­no­lo­gies can make cities more intel­li­gent, and how these tech­nol- ogies can be inte­gra­ted into urban fur­nis­hings in a way that brings the beauty and appeal of the natu­ral sur­roun­dings back into the fore­front. As part of the pro­ject, the first Lif lumi­naire columns were erec­ted on the rede­s­ig­ned Noor­der­bou­le­vard – as stra­te­gic sup­port points for an inte­gra­ted smart city infra­struc­ture.

A mobile waste bin on a bou­le­vard? A self-dri­ving shuttle bus to trans­port visi­tors? A robot that resem­bles a moon buggy and col­lects rub­bish from the beach? In Sche­ve­nin­gen, sce­na­rios like this are not a vision of the future, they are the result of a Living Lab pro­ject: intel­li­gent tech­no­lo­gies are being applied to address the cur­rent chal­len­ges of a big city with intel­li­gent solu­ti­ons.

Adap­ti­vely equip­ped modu­lar Lif system lumi­nai­res are being used as stra­te­gic sup­port points for this smart tech­no­logy. Spe­cial recor­ding devi­ces in these posts allow varying func­ti­ons to be inte­gra­ted, such as a Cyrb microp­hone: it recog­ni­ses vehi­cles moving along the pro­me­nade when they shouldn’t be and alerts the police or the public order autho­ri­ties. Acous­tic moni­to­ring is also able to iden­tify sounds such as brea­king glass, verbal alter­ca­ti­ons and shouts. The light poles will soon also mea­sure air qua­lity and visi­tor num­bers.

In desig­ning the ligh­ting con­cept, the plan­ners focu­sed on envi­ron­men­tally com­pa­ti­ble ligh­ting to res­pond equally to the needs of people and of nature. The Lif top ele­ment and Twin­s­pot module handle the tra­di­ti­o­nal ligh­ting tasks of gene­ral illu­mi­na­tion and accent ligh­ting. The top ele­ment lights up the bou­le­vard in an even light. The modi­fied Twin­s­pot modu­les allow the light points to be swit­ched on or off and con­trol­led as needed via the Remo­ti­com telema­na­ge­ment system. Addi­ti­o­nal spe­cial fea­tu­res of the lumi­nai­res include their coa­ting and colour: refe­ren­cing the colours of the North Sea, Lif is finis­hed in a pro­ject-spe­ci­fic light grey var­nish. The var­nish on the columns is resis­tant to sea­wa­ter (C4) and has a spe­cial anti-stic­ker coa­ting.

The smart ligh­ting, as part of the »Living Lab«, thus allows visi­tors to the Noor­der­bou­le­vard to enjoy the unique expe­rience of the mer­ging of wild nature and urban living com­for­ta­bly and safely.

  • Cities are lively, vibrant places that are always in motion. Changes in use within communal spaces or multi-functional concepts are transforming urban spaces and with it, the requirements for lighting. As a modular system luminaire in the shape of a slim, cylindrical light column, Lif provides full freedom for the creation of light settings in urban spaces and the smart implementation of these using networked functions. More flexible than any other luminaire, it adapts itself to the widest variety of urban lighting tasks. By day, Lif occupies a reserved role in the cityscape but it is during darkness that it demonstrates its true versatility – depending on the configuration, it can be transformed into a luminaire for squares or pathways, an accent light, or even all of these at once, while at all times remaining a minimalist light column. Lighting tools like the pathway module or the Gobo projector for eyecatching projection effects expand and enhance the scope of planning. New spacer elements in four heights perfectly complement the versatile configuration options of Lif, while smart components like a loudspeaker module, camera, or WiFi element make this light column a key element in smart cities.

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