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Grachten Lanterns
Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • project Grachten Lanterns
  • client Gemeente Amsterdam – Dienst Infrastructuur Verkeer en Vervoer
  • lighting designer Bartenbach Lichtlabor
  • design Arsis Industrial Design
  • photographer Marcus Bollen

Amsterdam’s grach­ten’ have long since been the city’s most impor­tant land­mark. These narrow yet navi­ga­ble water­ways wind for over 80 km throug­hout the city centre, span­ned by numerous brid­ges. Recently the grach­ten and the entire his­to­ri­cal old town were sup­plied with repli­cas of the ori­gi­nal Kroon­lan­taarns and Rit­ter­lan­taarns. In both lan­terns, a spe­ci­ally-devel­o­ped bevel­led secondary reflec­tor ensu­res asym­me­tri­cal light spot expan­sion to create non-glare, warm white light.

(gal­lery-grid: mbo-090908-amsterdam-181.jpg sx_ext_ritterlaterne_p_010.jpg nobreak:true)

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