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Façade lighting of Sainte-Madeleine Church
Châtelaillon-Plage, France

  • project Façade lighting of Sainte-Madeleine Church
  • client City of Châtelaillon-Plage
  • lighting designer Martial Huguin de MH Lighting
  • electrical installation Citeos
  • photographer Jean-Baptiste Guerlesquin
  • Representation Selux France

Châ­te­lail­lon-Plage on the Atlan­tic coast has a charm typi­cal of French bathing resorts esta­blis­hed in the 19th cen­tury. Back then, doc­tors com­monly pre­scri­bed intake of fresh sea air and bathing in sea water for indu­strial wor­kers, sen­ding them for tre­at­ment at health resorts to reco­ver. It was during this period that the church of Sainte-Made­leine was built, in 1882.

From 2019 to 2020, the church’s inte­rior was reno­va­ted, during which a huge fresco was cre­a­ted by Amaury Dubois, an artist pain­ter from Lyon.

To emp­ha­sise the church’s façade during dark­ness, the town of Châ­te­lail­lon-Plage com­mis­si­o­ned ligh­ting desig­ner Mar­tial Huguin of MH Ligh­ting to develop a new ligh­ting con­cept. He deci­ded to use our Initio Graz lumi­nai­res for this due to their reser­ved appe­a­rance, which ena­bles them to blend har­mo­niously into the sur­roun­dings.

As well as cre­a­ting light accents, the LED lumi­nai­res allow the colour to be varied too. The sides of the church are illu­mi­na­ted bet­ween 2800 K and 6000 K in cold white while the side with the entrance can be immer­sed in various colours such as blue or pink depen­ding on time of year or cer­tain town events.

With its aes­the­tic façade illu­mi­na­tion, the church of Sainte-Made­leine now radi­a­tes a wel­co­ming calm­ness as well as sha­ping the night-time appe­a­rance of the town in this bathing resort.

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