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Barangaroo Reserve
Sydney, Australia

  • buyer Barangaroo Delivery Authority and Lend Lease
  • landscape architect PWP Landscape Architecture, Berkeley
  • lighting designer Webb Australia Group, Sydney
  • photographer Dave Wicks, DMWCreative

Baranga­roo Reserve in Sydney is the world’s lar­gest inner-city devel­op­ment pro­ject. Offi­ces, busi­ness spaces, and resi­den­tial buil­dings are cur­rently being built across an area of 22 hec­ta­res on its former con­tai­ner port — sur­roun­ded by parks and con­nec­ted to a spec­ta­cu­lar water­front. The pro­ject, which will be com­ple­ted by 2022, con­forms to the latest eco­lo­gi­cal cri­te­ria and is already regar­ded as the land­mark of the con­tem­po­rary paci­fic region today.

For the park and pro­me­nade ligh­ting, 200 digi­tally con­trol­led LED lumi­nai­res were sup­plied by Selux. The task of desig­ning a safe, energy-effi­cient public space to be enjoyed by people of all ages and all types of mobi­lity fell to the light plan­ning com­pany Webb Austra­lia Group, who opted to use inno­va­tive ligh­ting tech­no­logy by Selux.

The design con­cept for the pro­me­nade ligh­ting was inspi­red by the site’s mari­time his­tory. Whe­reas in the past ships were navi­ga­ted through Sydney’s har­bour by bea­cons, Lanova lumi­nai­res now light up the way for visi­tors. Their cylin­d­ri­cal design has been sub­or­di­na­ted to the har­bour tower’s design lan­gu­age, blen­ding har­mo­niously into the newly cre­a­ted sur­roun­dings of the Baranga­roo Reserve. The subtle pole-top lumi­nai­res run along the pro­me­nade repli­ca­ting the ori­gi­nal 1836 coast­line with its mighty sand­s­tone blocks. Loca­ted at regu­lar inter­vals to ensure night-time uni­for­mity for acces­si­bi­lity and a sense of secu­rity, the Lanova lumi­nai­res form their own unique rhythm appe­a­ring like sus­pen­ded lan­terns.

The high-per­for­mance mirror optics of the Lanova ensure effec­tive ligh­ting of hori­zon­tal wor­king planes. The uni­form ligh­ting of the park’s main path­ways gua­ran­tees a high level of sojourn qua­lity while direct light dis­tri­bu­tion pre­vents unne­ces­sary light pol­lu­tion. All Lanova lumi­nai­res are equip­ped with KNX-DALI tech­no­logy, the­reby ena­bling needs-based park ligh­ting depen­ding on the time of day and number of visi­tors. The pre­mium-qua­lity and relia­ble ligh­ting tech­no­logy by Selux ensu­res all standards for bar­rier-free access and safety in public spaces are adhe­red to around the clock.

  • With its illuminated diffuser, which shapes its immediate surroundings, the modern, technical design of the Lanova family stands out during the night time. Its cylindrical shape distinguishes these luminaires, which are available in pole-top, pendant or catenary versions. Optimised light technology makes for maximum visual comfort, and enables ultra-efficient lighting schemes that conform to international standards for a wide range of environments.

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