The advan­ta­ges of a family com­pany.
The bene­fits of a global group.

Semper lux — always light. When Her­mann Bans­bach foun­ded his com­pany in Berlin after the war, the city was devasta­ted and depri­ved of elec­tri­city and light. Mr. Bans­bach made the life of Ber­li­ners easier with his simple, affor­da­ble bat­tery char­ger, the­reby illu­mi­na­ting a dark period in his­tory. He firmly belie­ved in the social and cul­tu­ral sig­ni­fi­cance of light, some­thing which went far beyond the merely com­mer­cial. It is an atti­tude we have retai­ned to the pre­sent day; living this fas­ci­na­tion with light and using sophis­ti­ca­ted con­cepts to pro­vide gen­uine impro­ve­ments in the qua­lity-of-life of others. In this way we chan­ged our name from Sem­per­lux to Selux – sig­nal­ling the trans­for­ma­tion of a Berlin artisan’s work­shop into a com­pany with 553 dedi­ca­ted staff and sites in Europe, North Ame­rica and throug­hout the world.

Evo­lu­tion does not imi­tate, it opti­mi­ses. Our goal is to develop pro­ducts that are extra­or­di­nary; pro­ducts that ori­gi­nate in prac­tice but have a dif­fe­rent appro­ach and are cre­di­ble and con­vin­cing. It ena­bles us to come up with the best solu­tion for all requi­re­ments, using digi­tally con­trol­led light sys­tems for effi­cient light mana­ge­ment, day­light sen­sors, mul­ti­me­dia play­back walls or colou­red ligh­ting con­cepts desig­ned to create a unique ligh­ting ambience. Design stu­dies enable us to apply learning to series pro­duc­tion, and the poo­ling of this know­ledge leads to ground-brea­king inno­va­ti­ons: LEDs and OLEDs offer enti­rely new poten­tial for design and ergo­no­mics – resul­ting in mini­mal con­struc­tion for a more inte­gra­ted pro­duct design, longer ser­vice life and lower energy con­sump­tion. At Selux, the future of light is already the pre­sent.

We handle modu­la­rity,
you create indi­vi­du­a­lity.

Sophis­ti­ca­ted ligh­ting con­cepts that reflect the company’s phi­lo­sophy in every single detail enable each vision to become a rea­lity. Behind our pro­duct fami­lies are con­struc­tion kit prin­ci­ples: hou­sing sizes, light units and tech­no­logy are indi­vi­du­ally sca­la­ble so as to allow for com­plex requi­re­ments with a clear design and con­sis­tent idea. This is where the extra­or­di­nary is the ordi­nary: whe­ther in terms of colour, optics, hou­sing or assem­bly method – Selux offers you the free­dom of design.

The shape is sub­ser­vient to the func­tion
 — and to our qua­lity requi­re­ments.

The supe­ri­o­rity of Selux optics is based on com­plex light cal­cu­la­ti­ons, many years of expe­rience and a com­pre­hen­sive know­ledge of mate­ri­als and light sour­ces. As early as the design stage, we take into account ease-of-assem­bly, dura­bi­lity and pro­duct main­tenance – all of which are essen­tial for a product’s eco­no­mic effi­ci­ency. Qua­lity lies in the details. To be more spe­ci­fic, in our high-qua­lity mate­ri­als and pro­ces­sing capa­bi­lity, in our low-resource pro­duc­tion and the under­stan­ding our experts have of appli­ca­ti­ons in order to meet your requi­re­ments – from know-how about the pro­duct life­cy­cle of exte­rior lumi­nai­res devel­o­ped over many deca­des to our com­mit­ment to mee­ting the ligh­ting wishes of cus­to­mers. Together these aspects give rise to qua­lity and turn good pro­ducts into excep­ti­o­nal pro­ducts.

We manu­fac­ture lumi­nai­res.
But we pro­vide qua­lity of life.

A com­bi­na­tion of groun­ded know­ledge, proven abi­lity and first-class light tools enable us to achieve the extra­or­di­nary. This is the end to which we pool our know­ledge; adding enjoy­ment, ambi­tion and a desire to be ground­brea­king. Long-term sustai­na­bi­lity is some­thing that comes natu­rally to us, which is why our cus­to­mer, sup­plier and staff rela­ti­ons are set up in a way that is both res­pon­si­ble and based on a part­ner­ship appro­ach – cre­a­ting the atmos­p­here of trust and friends­hip that has given rise to the best ideas and solu­ti­ons since time imme­mo­rial. Our team of tech­ni­cians, engi­neers and desig­ners will be happy to advise you on any matter. Whe­ther it is a spe­ci­fic light, a cus­to­mi­sed pole con­nec­tion or a new exte­rior solu­tion, Selux will help you to turn even the most extra­or­di­nary ligh­ting pro­ject into rea­lity in a way that is both aes­the­ti­cally and eco­no­mi­cally satis­fying.

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