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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Reduction to the essentials: Xea — the ultra-flat LED luminaire by Selux. Bringing elegance and visual comfort to offices.

This is how the abso­lute essence of a lumi­naire for offi­ces or other workspa­ces looks: a mini­ma­list hou­sing, deli­ca­tely sus­pen­ded or directly moun­ted on a cei­ling, effu­sing glare-free light. With the new pen­dant and surface-moun­ted Xea lumi­naire by Selux the con­ver­ter and LED ligh­ting tech­no­logy is inte­gra­ted into a pro­file just 18 mm high ensu­ring ele­gance, effi­ci­ency and per­fect visual com­fort for work­sta­ti­ons.

Under­stan­da­bly, light plan­ners and con­struc­tors prefer lumi­nai­res for offi­ces and wor­king envi­ron­ments to be as flat pos­si­ble. The new pen­dant and surface-moun­ted Xea lumi­nai­res by Selux fulfil this need for mini­ma­list design with maxi­mum con­sis­tency using inno­va­tive LED tech­no­logy. Extru­ded alu­mi­nium pro­fi­les form a hou­sing just 18 mm high viewed from the side. Pre­ci­sely defi­ned edges and a flush real glass dif­fu­ser are key fea­tu­res of its ele­gant design with all system or depen­dent ele­ments in die-cast alu­mi­nium. Pre­mium white surfa­ces with invi­si­ble loc­king sys­tems emp­ha­sise the appe­a­rance of qua­lity.

Inte­gra­ted, extre­mely flat con­ver­ter

The Xea’s ultra flat con­struc­tion is made pos­si­ble first and fore­most by the use of a bespoke , low pro­file con­ver­ter for its high-per­for­mance LED power supply, which ena­bles the entire elec­tro­nics unit to be inte­gra­ted into the alu­mi­nium hou­sing. Ope­ra­ting con­di­ti­ons are ideal, mea­ning the Xea requi­res no addi­ti­o­nal exter­nal con­ver­ter hou­sing. The Xea pen­dant lumi­naire uses wire sus­pen­si­ons with a transpa­rent power supply cable, both of which add to its deli­cate appe­a­rance.

Microp­risms for anti-glare pro­tec­tion in the work­place

Selux ligh­ting tech­no­logy in the new Xea lumi­nai­res com­p­lies with requi­re­ments for all ligh­ting tasks in wor­king and office envi­ron­ments. A lens optics system with multi-layer microp­risms is loca­ted behind the glass dif­fu­ser, which redu­ces both direct and reflec­ted glare (e.g. from com­pu­ter screens) and ensu­res standards-com­pli­ant , state-of-the-art visual com­fort for work­sta­ti­ons. To coo­r­di­nate and dif­fe­ren­ti­ate its ligh­ting con­cept, Xea is avai­la­ble with LEDs in the light colours 3000 or 4000 Kelvin and there is a choice of direct or direct/​indirect bea­ming vari­ants for the pen­dant lumi­naire. Of course Xea can also be dimmed for added energy effi­ci­ency via DALI and is capa­ble of being inte­gra­ted into modern light mana­ge­ment scenes.

March 2014

Manu­fac­tu­rer con­tact:
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