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Sunday 13 March 2016

Loop by Selux – The Lightness of Light

An ele­gant alter­na­tive to con­ven­ti­o­nally-shaped lumi­nai­res, Loop brings fres­h­ness, dyna­mics and opti­mal light qua­lity into office envi­ron­ments with its cir­cu­lar form. Yet its microp­risms optics makes the Loop suit­able for places other than offi­ces – with its two light dis­tri­bu­ti­ons and five assem­bly ver­si­ons, it can also pro­vide a wel­come change and high level of visual com­fort in other archi­tec­tu­ral appli­ca­ti­ons.

Loop – the first office-com­pa­ti­ble cir­cu­lar lumi­naire
Cir­cu­lar, deli­cate, emo­ti­o­nal – the aes­the­tic fres­h­ness of the Loop family ena­bles a new qua­lity of light for offi­ces. In work areas, con­fe­rence rooms, res­tau­rants, cor­ri­dors, foyers or shops, Loop is a plea­sure to behold, with its dis­tinc­tive shape and ergo­no­mi­cally opti­mi­sed light. Loop by Selux is an ele­gant alter­na­tive to right angles for office plan­ners and desig­ners.

Loop‘s charac­te­ris­tic ring shape is manu­fac­tu­red from pre­ci­sion die-cast alu­mi­nium and has a slim cross sec­tion just 36 mm high and 25 mm wide, resul­ting in a dia­me­ter of 496 mm. With five assem­bly vari­ants and two optics sys­tems, this new pro­duct family solves even the most com­plex ligh­ting tasks using one con­sis­tent shape. This is because Loop is avai­la­ble as a pen­dant lumi­naire for a light, flo­a­ting effect, in a partly cei­ling-moun­ted ver­sion, as a wall-moun­ted lumi­naire or in a slim, free-stan­ding ver­sion.

Direc­ti­o­nal microp­risms with anti-glare
While asym­me­tri­cal lens cham­bers are used for light trap­ping of the highly effi­cient LEDs, microp­risms dif­fu­sers in a radial arran­ge­ment ensure the light is emit­ted with low-glare. Its pre­mium qua­lity optics system is manu­fac­tu­red from one single part. The transpa­rent ver­sion sup­plies effi­cient, pre­ci­sely direc­ted light for office appli­ca­ti­ons (UGR<19) while the opal ver­sion of the micro­lens dif­fu­ser gene­ra­tes light with a silky appe­a­rance for gene­ral ligh­ting pur­po­ses.

Direct and indi­rect light – sepa­ra­tely swit­cha­ble
The pen­dant and free-stan­ding lumi­naire radi­ate their light both directly and indi­rectly for attrac­tive, uni­form ligh­ting, with both light por­ti­ons sepa­ra­tely swit­cha­ble and dim­ma­ble. Loop can also be inte­gra­ted via its DALI inter­face into cor­res­pon­ding light con­trol sys­tems. All Loop vari­ants are avai­la­ble in two light colours, 3,000 K or 4,000 K.

A free-stan­ding lumi­naire with spe­cial details
The free-stan­ding lumi­naire can be swit­ched and dimmed locally and indi­vi­du­ally using Selux Tune. This exter­nal con­trol unit com­mu­ni­ca­tes wire­les­sly with the lumi­naire, ena­bling it to be placed any­where within the room for con­ve­nient ope­ra­tion. A fur­ther spe­cial fea­ture is the free-stan­ding luminaire’s design, with a radial recess inser­ted in its cir­cu­lar base, a detail that soon proves its prac­ti­cal worth during day-to-day use. A table leg can be inser­ted into this gap, thus ena­bling this free-stan­ding lumi­naire to be placed even closer to desks.

Minor prac­ti­cal details like this are evi­dence of how the Loop is the result of Selux‘ many years of expe­rience in the area of work­sta­tion ligh­ting. With the Loop, both plan­ners and users will derive plea­sure from a lumi­naire that has an inno­va­tive appe­a­rance yet is extre­mely prac­ti­cal.

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