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Sunday 13 March 2016

Light moves - Selux at Light + Building 2016

Light is much more what we per­ceive with our eyes. Light affects our well-being and our health. It sti­mu­la­tes our senses, pro­vi­des us with guid­ance and qua­lity of life. At Light + Buil­ding 2016, Selux will be pre­sen­ting itself and numerous new pro­ducts under the motto Light moves“. The exhi­bi­tion will demon­strate how, at all times, Selux works with light as a cul­tu­ral asset, pla­cing its trust in prac­tice-orien­ted col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons with light plan­ners, archi­tects and desig­ners stret­ching back many years.

At Light + Buil­ding 2016 Selux will be unvei­ling a com­plete new range of pro­duct inno­va­ti­ons that pro­vide plan­ners with better opti­ons for exte­rior and inte­rior light design. Need­less to say, all of these new lumi­nai­res use LED tech­no­logy, which has been opti­mi­sed by Selux to obtain the gre­a­test pos­si­ble effi­ci­ency, light qua­lity and visual com­fort. The result is lumi­nai­res that incor­po­rate highly inno­va­tive designs, such as the stele-type exte­rior lumi­naire Lif, with its modu­lar setup or the Loop, a cir­cu­lar lumi­naire that super­bly meets the com­plex requi­re­ments of the office envi­ron­ment. Yet Lif and Loop are just two examples of how this com­bi­na­tion of ligh­ting tech­no­logy and design is ena­bling Selux to create ground-brea­king pro­ducts.

Design — a key ele­ment but no end in itself
As well as allo­wing tech­ni­cally inno­va­tive ligh­ting solu­ti­ons, LEDs also open up enti­rely new pos­si­bi­li­ties for design. Selux makes intel­li­gent use of these opti­ons to create inno­va­tive, sophis­ti­ca­ted con­cepts that incor­po­rate reduc­ti­ons in shape and volume to create a new type of mini­ma­lism, while at the same time boas­ting maxi­mum light qua­lity. This ena­bles Selux to remain just as true to its tra­di­tion of refi­ned sim­pli­city as to tra­di­ti­o­nal German design para­digms, which were the ori­gi­nal reason for its global impor­tance.

An example of this is the extra flat, surface-moun­ted lumi­naire Pallas, which com­bi­nes mini­ma­list design with homo­ge­neous, opti­mum light yet is extre­mely dura­ble and simple-to-assem­ble. With its cor­res­pon­ding media car­rier that can hold cables and other ele­ments, Pallas is a per­fect example of smart, func­ti­o­nal inte­gra­tion.

Out­stan­ding modu­la­rity
Ano­ther fea­ture that is evi­dent from the Selux port­fo­lio is the idea of modu­la­rity. Rather than indi­vi­dual ligh­ting solu­ti­ons, Selux devel­o­pers focus on modu­lar system con­cepts and ver­sa­ti­lity of appli­ca­tion. Selux sys­tems enable maxi­mum flexi­bi­lity, since we offer a wide range of vari­ants in terms of light dis­tri­bu­ti­ons, light colours, per­for­mance clas­ses and assem­bly methods“, explains Selux Mana­ging Direc­tor Jürgen Hess. This is demon­stra­ted, for example, by our highly suc­ces­sful M-family, to which a new member, the M60 Con­nect, is due to be added this year. As a result we can pro­vide plan­ners with tools for first-class ligh­ting solu­ti­ons.“

Full sup­port for plan­ners and users
Our long-term thin­king when it comes to col­la­bo­ra­tion is evi­dent in many areas, and not just in our pro­duct port­fo­lio. Aspects such as ser­vice and sup­port for pro­ject work are very impor­tant for us“, adds Selux Exe­cu­tive Direc­tor Felix Grön­waldt. Our goal is to enable the impor­tance of first-class light to be expe­rien­ced and to raise an awa­re­ness of this. We aim to inspire people and moti­vate them to become invol­ved in the design pro­cess by making cre­a­tive use of our lumi­nai­res and ligh­ting solu­ti­ons.“

Light moves – the trade fair expe­rience
Selux also places its faith in time-honou­red part­ner­ships when it comes to stands at trade fairs, with this year´s design once again ori­gi­na­ting from the Berlin archi­tec­tu­ral bureau Gon­za­les Haase. The con­cept is based on that grand master of moder­nity, Le Cor­bu­sier – refe­ren­cing his prin­ci­ples of light inci­dence modu­la­tion using lou­vred com­part­ments. 5.50 metre tall alu­mi­nium lou­vres enclose the stand, cre­a­ting exci­ting inter­ac­tion bet­ween den­sity and transpa­rency, its appe­a­rance chan­ging depen­ding on the move­ments of visi­tors. Our trade fair stand is inten­ded as an open think tank, a plat­form for exchan­ging ideas and for inspi­ra­ti­ons, as well as for dis­cus­si­ons on market requi­re­ments of the future“, explains Jürgen Hess. Inter­ac­tion is a key ele­ment here – as well as for the stand’s authen­tic mate­ri­als: wood, alu­mi­nium and felt. Only when the right light is applied does its true nature become evi­dent, with the sen­suous­ness of the surfa­ces reve­a­led: We enable under­stan­ding of qua­lity of light.“

Selux and archi­tec­tu­ral thin­king
Good light is more than just a pro­duct or com­mo­dity, it is also a mis­sion to soci­ety – or at least for Selux. Ulti­ma­tely, in all con­si­de­ra­ti­ons, our focus is on light – light that meets pro­ject requi­re­ments as well as long term via­bi­lity. Accor­din­gly Selux will also be exten­ding its range of digi­tal plan­ning tools to incor­po­rate con­fi­gu­ra­tors for both of its new pro­ducts, Lif and M60 Con­nect, as well as cor­res­pon­ding Look­books on its web­site. All rele­vant up-to-date pro­duct and system infor­ma­tion is avai­la­ble digi­tally at Selux at all times.

We always think in terms of the archi­tec­ture“, stres­ses Felix Grön­waldt. The lumi­naire is actu­ally just a means to an end yet it is a means that we par­ti­cu­larly wish to cele­brate during Light + Buil­ding.“

March 2016

About Selux
The Selux Group is a lea­ding pro­vi­der of sustai­na­ble ligh­ting solu­ti­ons for both inte­rior and exte­rior appli­ca­ti­ons. By acting sustai­na­bly, Selux is able to main­tain high standards when it comes to energy effi­ci­ency, ergo­no­mics and pro­duct design. Foun­ded in Berlin in 1948, Selux is a global com­pany which is ope­ra­ti­o­nal in Europe, North Ame­rica and Austra­lia, employing 565 staff. In 2014 the Selux Group con­ti­nued its steady suc­cess course in incre­a­sing its tur­n­over by 8.9 % to 95 mil­lion €. Much of this growth was due to its USA plant (+31.4 %) and Ger­many (+11.5 %).

At pre­sent, LED ligh­ting is res­pon­si­ble for more than 50 % of the Selux tur­n­over, with this figure fore­cast to rise to 70 % by the end of 2016, the­reby pre­pa­ring the way for a full chan­ge­over to digi­tal ligh­ting in the near future. LED light ena­bles addi­ti­o­nal energy savings due to intel­li­gent con­trol sys­tems and it is in this area that Selux will be focus­sing its devel­op­ment efforts in future. Some examples of well-known pro­jects that Selux has been invol­ved with in the past include the Park am Gleis­dreieck“ in Berlin, the Por­sche Museum in Stuttg­art, the Vieux-Port in Mar­seille and the 911 Memo­rial in NYC.

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