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Friday 11 March 2016

Lif – a light column for modern urbanity

By day the new Lif is a reser­ved, slim cylin­d­ri­cal stele on the city­scape. As dark­ness falls howe­ver, it unveils its true capa­bi­li­ties. This multi-func­ti­o­nal, modu­lar lumi­naire is desig­ned for the ligh­ting of squa­res and paths as well as faça­des or the accent ligh­ting of objects. Highly ver­sa­tile equip­ment opti­ons make the Lif the ideal lumi­naire for the modern city – both now and in the future.

With the Lif, Selux shows what is pos­si­ble with ligh­ting design when LED tech­no­logy is com­bi­ned with sys­te­ma­tic thin­king. During the day the Lif assu­mes a place in the back­ground. A slim, cylin­d­ri­cal stele with a dia­me­ter of just 180 mm, it can be deployed in all areas of the city­scape as a space-defi­ning ele­ment. Its ele­gant, purist design can pro­vide pre­mium-qua­lity ligh­ting in various envi­ron­ments. As a modu­lar system, various light modu­les can be used with the Lif, making it suit­able for squa­res or path­ways, faça­des, as an accent light or even all of these together, remai­ning a mini­ma­list light column at all times. Lif con­tri­bu­tes to a clearly defi­ned urban envi­ron­ment while at the same time offe­ring plan­ners increa­sed scope for the cre­a­tion of qua­lity urban spaces for people to expe­rience city life.

One stele – numerous opti­o­nal modu­les
The Lif system is instal­led on three basic com­po­nents: Poles of varia­ble heights carry moun­ting ele­ments with an oval cut-out that is avai­la­ble in four sizes and on which façade and Twin­s­pot modu­les can be instal­led as light modu­les. For a transpa­rent, subtle effect, the moun­ting ele­ments can also be used purely as design ele­ment. The Top Ele­ment serves as a ter­mi­na­tion for the light column and for use as a square or path­way light, its Tritec Optic is avai­la­ble with sym­me­tri­cal or asym­me­tri­cal light dis­tri­bu­tion. The Lif accent ele­ment with a white or colou­red light ring can be inser­ted into the stele as an addi­ti­o­nal ligh­ting accent in urban areas. Lif com­po­nents can also be com­bi­ned with one ano­ther, ena­bling cus­to­mi­sed indi­vi­dual ligh­ting solu­ti­ons that are simple to plan, install and main­tain.

Flexi­ble, detai­led qua­lity ligh­ting
Selux has inve­sted its entire know-how in the area of LED tech­no­logy in the four dif­fe­rent Lif light modu­les, pac­king them with pre­mium qua­lity details such as gap­less safety glass. The Lif façade module can be instal­led in the moun­ting ele­ments at various posi­ti­ons and the modu­les are avai­la­ble with 19 dif­fe­rent hori­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal light dis­tri­bu­ti­ons, ensu­ring all façade ligh­ting requi­re­ments can be flexi­bly met. Asym­me­tri­cal light dis­tri­bu­ti­ons enable illu­mi­na­tion in various direc­ti­ons for example, wit­hout the need to rotate the lumi­naire, ensu­ring the light column has a uni­form appe­a­rance at all times. The highly effi­cient LED optic ena­bles pre­cise illu­mi­na­tion that is free of scat­ter light while moun­ting ele­ments can be rota­ted as requi­red bet­ween 0° and 360° for direc­ti­o­nal pur­po­ses. Using the Twin­s­pot modu­les, Lif also beco­mes an accent light, cre­a­ting set­tings for objects or spa­tial zones with light. These too are instal­led in the moun­ting ele­ments, avai­la­ble with spot or medium light dis­tri­bu­ti­ons and can be pivo­ted by up to 15° in all direc­ti­ons for pre­cise aim.

The Top Ele­ment turns the Lif into a pre­mium qua­lity lumi­naire for squa­res and path­ways. The Tritec LED Optic, a cone-shaped com­bi­na­tion of prisms and reflec­tors, pro­vi­des soft, cal­ming sym­me­tri­cal or asym­me­tri­cal light dis­tri­bu­tion in traf­fic areas. Depen­ding on the desi­red lumi­nous inten­sity, two or four Tritec rings are instal­led in the Top Ele­ment, adding an opti­cal attrac­tion due to bril­li­ance effects on their reflec­tor surfa­ces.

Scope for traf­fic con­trol and sig­nal­ling
Lif also offers addi­ti­o­nal func­ti­ons that make it a true all-roun­der for exte­rior use, going way beyond mere illu­mi­na­tion. The ring-shaped accent module is more than just a deco­ra­tive ele­ment. Avai­la­ble in the light colour 3,000 K or blue, it can be used as part of a traf­fic con­trol system or for the mar­king of impor­tant points in public areas. With a DALI con­trol­ler, dyna­mic road­way orien­ta­tion or status dis­plays are even pos­si­ble. Yet that is not all, for Selux has future proofed Lif, incor­po­ra­ting even more func­ti­ons into it. Emer­g­ency alarm sys­tems can be instal­led on the stele, it can serve as a WLAN hot­s­pot or elec­tri­cal char­ging sta­tion or came­ras can be moun­ted on it. All this makes Lif an ideal com­ple­ment for the city of tomor­row – a future-com­pa­ti­ble, adap­ta­ble light system for urban areas.

Effi­cient plan­ning, clas­si­cal aes­the­tics
Its modu­lar struc­ture ena­bles simple upgra­ding of stele lumi­nai­res where requi­red which means that Lif super­bly com­bi­nes secu­rity of plan­ning and invest­ment. Dura­bi­lity is also a ques­tion of mate­ri­als – which is why Selux uses a lay­e­red alu­mi­nium extru­ded pro­file with ter­mi­na­ti­ons made from pre­mium qua­lity, die-cast alu­mi­nium.
To enable plan­ners and users to exploit the full poten­tial of this new system right from the plan­ning phase, Selux offers an online plan­ning tool with which indi­vi­dual con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons can be com­po­sed quickly and effec­ti­vely.

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