Wednesday 26 March 2014

Quadratic, purist, versatile: the Kju family of modular LED luminaires by Selux.

Clear con­tours redu­ced to the extre­mi­ties in a hove­ring, flat body of pure light. The Kju family of lumi­nai­res by Selux enable this vision of a modern archi­tec­ture-based lumi­naire to be rea­li­sed. Charac­te­ri­sed by a mini­mal con­struc­tion height of just 33 mm and its illu­mi­na­ted sides, the mani­fold moun­ting and arran­ge­ment opti­ons of Kju are desig­ned to inspire cre­a­tive ligh­ting solu­ti­ons via a con­sis­tent aes­the­tic. Opti­mum visual com­fort – inclu­ding for work­sta­ti­ons — is ensu­red by pre­mium qua­lity ligh­ting tech­no­logy.

The wealth of vari­ants in the Kju family of lumi­nai­res results from the com­bi­na­tion of what are in fact light modu­les, avai­la­ble in four ver­si­ons with dif­fe­rent moun­ting frames. These enable pen­dant, surface-moun­ted, par­ti­ally or fully reces­sed lumi­nai­res whose grap­hi­cal bril­li­ant appe­a­rance is desig­ned to inspire cre­a­tive room arran­ge­ments. A par­ti­cu­lar fea­ture of all Kju lumi­nai­res is how the light emis­sion is con­ti­nued at the luminaire’s ver­ti­cal surfa­ces so the hou­sing appe­ars like a flo­a­ting body of light.

Four light modu­les for a vast array of designs

The basis of the modu­lar Kju system are four light modu­les with standar­di­sed dimen­si­ons. The hou­sings, with a surface area of 300 mm² and height of just 33 mm, are made from transpa­rent PMMA mate­rial with pre­ci­sely defi­ned edges. The double wall tech­no­logy houses pre­mium-qua­lity ligh­ting tech­no­logy with high-per­for­mance LEDs and a spe­ci­ally devel­o­ped layer of lenses for homo­ge­nous 2-dimen­si­o­nal dis­tri­bu­tion of punc­ti­form LED light. Light plan­ners can choose bet­ween Kju Ice — whose hou­sing is made enti­rely from transpa­rent PMMA, making it remi­nis­cent of a block of ice — and Kju Alu which has a white die-cast alu­mi­nium top surface. Two dif­fe­rent ligh­ting tech­no­lo­gies are avai­la­ble for both hou­sing vari­ants: with a microp­rism dif­fu­ser, Kju com­p­lies with the high anti-glare spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons requi­red for offi­ces and work­pla­ces while the ver­sion with opal dif­fu­ser ensu­res effi­cient homo­ge­nous gene­ral ligh­ting and an ele­gant appe­a­rance.

One inge­nious idea – mul­ti­ple vari­a­ti­ons

Based on these light modu­les, Selux has devel­o­ped a pro­duct family in Kju that can handle a mul­ti­tude of archi­tec­tu­ral ligh­ting tasks. Surface-moun­ted and pen­dant vari­ants are avai­la­ble both in direct and direct/​indirect bea­ming ver­si­ons. In addi­tion reces­sed and partly reces­sed ver­si­ons are avai­la­ble with and wit­hout edges, on which an attrac­tive light gap arises due to light exit­ing at the side­For moun­ting in 600625 grid cei­lings a vari­ant with a peri­me­ter aura made from silver ano­di­sed alu­mi­nium is avai­la­ble.

Assem­bly-friendly: plug & light using a system of clips

It’s not just the ligh­ting tech­no­logy and design of the Kju that are highly inno­va­tive — for their low con­struc­tion height, the lumi­nai­res offer high output, with a lumi­nous flux of 2000 lumen. The ultra-flat design nega­tes assem­bly pro­blems due to lack of cei­ling void space. The assem­bly pro­cess itself com­pri­ses two steps: first the attach­ment acces­so­ries and the con­ver­ter hou­sing are instal­led, then the light modu­les can be atta­ched secu­rely and tool­les­sly using a system of clips before being put into ser­vice. All elec­tro­nic com­po­nents are also pro­tec­ted against elec­tro­sta­tic discharge. This assem­bly-friendly con­cept by Selux is called Plug & Light and brings eco­no­mic bene­fits too, both pre-and post instal­la­tion.

The sum of its pro­per­ties makes the Kju family the light system of choice for con­tem­po­rary inte­ri­ors in appli­ca­tion areas such as offi­ces and admi­ni­stra­tive buil­dings, prac­ti­ces, shops or hotels. Its high-qua­lity mate­ri­als and dis­tinc­tive shape enable it to be inte­gra­ted into all archi­tec­tu­ral styles so that, with Kju, light plan­ners will be pla­cing the emp­ha­sis on design, light qua­lity and maxi­mum energy effi­ci­ency.

March 2014

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