Wednesday 26 March 2014

Arca by Selux: pure design and pure technology – for economical LED lighting in public spaces

Arca is a new series of out­door lumi­nai­res by Selux which — with its uni­ver­sal, flexi­ble and, above all, eco­no­mi­cal LED ligh­ting system for the ligh­ting of roads, paths and squa­res — cannot fail to win over light plan­ners. Func­ti­o­nal and ver­sa­tile, Arca offers pre­mium-qua­lity, effi­cient LED tech­no­logy with various system powers and moun­ting vari­ants in a time­less, purist design com­bi­ned with an award-win­ning price/​performance ratio.

Effi­cient and suit­able for eve­ry­day use: the design

Arca com­bi­nes lumi­naire and inte­gra­ted uni­ver­sal adap­ter in a single har­mo­nious entity. The uni­ver­sal adap­ter ena­bles flexi­ble use as a surface-moun­ted, wall-moun­ted or ups­wept pole lumi­naire, while its highly impres­sive, tech­ni­cally inspi­red and con­sis­tent, purist design lan­gu­age ensure it blends super­bly into public spaces. Its finer details reflect Selux’ many years of expe­rience in this par­ti­cu­lar appli­ca­tion area: the lumi­naire head can be adju­sted + — 20° as requi­red in 5° incre­ments on both moun­ting vari­ants while, for main­tenance pur­po­ses, its hou­sing can be opened wit­hout the use of tools via an elbow lever lock. This ena­bles simple repla­ce­ment of system com­po­nents and LED units.

LED ligh­ting tech­no­logy makes a dif­fe­rence

Arca pole-top lumi­nai­res are equip­ped with high-effi­ci­ency LED tech­no­logy and Selux own-devel­op­ment reflec­tors for a par­ti­cu­larly high light yield. The com­bi­na­tion of pairs of reflec­tors and a pris­ma­tic light exit area ena­bles wider cas­ting ranges, mea­ning uni­form light can be obtai­ned using less lumi­nai­res. With its homo­ge­nous lumi­nance, this system ensu­res dazzle-free light, while its asym­me­tri­cal light dis­tri­bu­tion makes Arca ideal for appli­ca­ti­ons like resi­den­tial roads, ser­vice roads, paths, parks or com­pany pre­mi­ses. For light colours, light plan­ners can choose bet­ween LEDs with 3000K or 4500K.

One system – a mul­ti­tude of appli­ca­ti­ons

Depen­ding on requi­re­ments in the various appli­ca­tion areas, Arca is avai­la­ble in a range system powers. For even gre­a­ter effi­ci­ency and eco­nomy, DALI or 1-10V inter­fa­ces enable indi­vi­dual dim­ming or swit­ching of the lumi­naire for pre­ci­sion light regu­la­tion via intel­li­gent con­trols.

Arca: aes­the­ti­cally and eco­no­mi­cally supe­rior

The typi­cal dura­bi­lity that has come to be asso­ci­a­ted with Selux is ensu­red by extre­mely tough mate­ri­als such as pres­sure die-cast alu­mi­nium for the hou­sing, safety glass for the lumi­naire trim and high-qua­lity, powder-coated surfa­ces. The effi­ci­ency, main­tenance-friend­liness and price/​performance ratio of the Arca will con­vince even the most eco­no­mi­cally minded of ope­ra­tors, while its light qua­lity and time­less attrac­tive design will ensure a high level of accep­tance among users and other deci­sion-makers. All this makes Arca by Selux an ideal system both for sustai­na­ble repla­ce­ment of old ligh­ting sys­tems and long-term, eco­no­mi­cal ligh­ting of newly plan­ned urban or street areas.

March 2014

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