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Tuesday 28 June 2011

Semperlux AG: Change of generations and new focus

Udo Bans­bach moves from the board of direc­tors to the super­vi­sory board.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Marx reti­res from the super­vi­sory board.
Sem­per­lux con­ti­nues to push pro­duct inno­va­tion and inter­na­ti­o­na­li­za­tion.

Berlin, 28th June 2011 – After 36 years, Udo Bans­bach, member of the board of direc­tors of Sem­per­lux AG, has reti­red from the ope­ra­tive busi­ness. Mr. Bans­bach joined the super­vi­sory board of the Berlin based ligh­ting spe­ci­a­list star­ting July 1st 2011. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Marx, who has been with Sem­per­lux for many years, star­ted his well earned reti­re­ment as per the same date. The new super­vi­sory board will con­ti­nue to sup­port advan­ces in pro­duct inno­va­tion and inter­na­ti­o­na­li­za­tion.
Sem­per­lux was foun­ded by the father of the pre­sent owners, Her­mann Bans­bach, during the German post-war years. Udo Bans­bach and his older bro­ther Armin Bans­bach, with the help of many long term employ­ees, grew Sem­per­lux into an inter­na­ti­o­nally ope­ra­ting com­pany. Mr. Udo Bans­bach, as a member of the board of direc­tors since 1997, worked to assure con­ti­nuity and sta­bi­lity of the family owned com­pany. A visi­o­nary spirit with great pas­sion, Udo Bans­bach was very influ­en­tial in the drive towards inter­na­ti­o­nal com­pe­tence and insight of the Sem­per­lux group.

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