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Tuesday 15 March 2016

Lif − Modular light column

A light column for modern urba­nity

With the Lif, Selux shows what is pos­si­ble with ligh­ting design when LED tech­no­logy is com­bi­ned with sys­te­ma­tic thin­king. This multi-func­ti­o­nal, modu­lar lumi­naire is desig­ned for the ligh­ting of squa­res and paths as well as faca­des or the accent ligh­ting of objects. Highly ver­sa­tile equip­ment opti­ons make the Lif the ideal lumi­naire for the modern city – both now and in the future. Lif con­tri­bu­tes to a clearly defi­ned urban envi­ron­ment while at the same time offe­ring plan­ners increa­sed scope for the cre­a­tion of qua­lity urban spaces for people to expe­rience city life.

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