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Thursday 25 September 2014

The digitalisation of light – Licht Plus in Berlin

The theme of the Licht Plus’ event on the 25th Sep­tem­ber was The digi­ta­li­sa­tion of light”. For many, apps on smartpho­nes and tablets have become an indis­pen­sa­ble part of both pro­fes­si­o­nal life and free-time acti­vi­ties. In the area of ligh­ting too, numerous elec­tro­nic aids are avai­la­ble that pro­vide extra con­ve­nience while at the same time saving users energy and costs. Unfor­tu­na­tely howe­ver, users often fail to take advan­tage of them. In their spee­ches, the guest spea­kers dealt with, among other things, the rea­sons behind the so far some­what res­trai­ned recep­tion with res­pect to the digi­ta­li­sa­tion of light and also focu­sed on the out­looks for digi­tal con­trol. Dr. Thomas Knoop talked about Net­wor­ked Light – A Tech­no­logy in Search of an Appli­ca­tion” while the light plan­ner Hauke Gie­secke demon­stra­ted the oppor­tu­ni­ties and risks of prac­tice-orien­ted light con­trol. As an expert in Inter­ac­tion Design, Prof. Stefan Wölwer looked at the issue of the design of net­works. Fol­lo­wing the spee­ches, there was a chance for the around 130 guests to exchange their ideas and thoughts on the event.

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