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Friday 6 November 2015

Licht Plus 2015 in Stuttgart

Selux has expanded its Licht Plus’ series of events to other German cities. On 5th Novem­ber the Selux team and renow­ned spea­kers wel­co­med archi­tects and ligh­ting desig­ners from the Stuttg­art region to the Wagen­hal­len’, a former indu­strial loca­tion for freight cars.

Entit­led Ligh­ting — Next Level’, the eve­ning event pre­sen­ted some insights into the new chal­len­ges that sustai­na­ble LED tech­no­logy poses to the fields of ligh­ting design and plan­ning. Addi­ti­o­nally, the impres­sive Smart Ligh­ting and Smart Home instal­la­ti­ons were pre­sen­ted and the impor­tance of usa­bi­lity and intel­li­gent human com­pu­ter inter­fa­ces was under­li­ned.

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