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Wednesday 1 November 2017

Elo – Purity of light and form

New bol­lard series with Tritec module

The Elo bol­lard has been devel­o­ped for the ligh­ting of paths, entrance areas and access roads in close proxi­mity to buil­dings. Its mini­ma­list design len­ding it a stri­king appe­a­rance. Reser­ved yet bril­li­ant at the same time, the Elo offers uni­form ligh­ting, even from rela­ti­vely low instal­la­tion heights. Har­mo­nious, soft light is emit­ted sym­me­tri­cal on all sides or asym­me­tri­cal to the front so it beco­mes an ele­gant sign­post poin­ting the way to safety and giving guid­ance.

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