For more than 65 years now, it has been our firmly held belief that com­mu­nity makes a dif­fe­rence. Throug­hout Europe and beyond, we develop and manu­fac­ture our pro­ducts within the market, for the market and for the entire group of com­pa­nies. This ena­bles us to pro­vide supra­re­gi­o­nal pro­ject mana­ge­ment throug­hout the world – in close coo­p­e­ra­tion with inter­na­ti­o­nal teams made up, for instance, of archi­tects from Europe, instal­la­tion tech­ni­cians from the USA and con­struc­tion mana­gers from Asia.

Our tools are pre­mium qua­lity light modu­les, ideas and com­pe­tence.
The quest to find extra­or­di­nary solu­ti­ons to pro­jects is our moti­va­tion and our objec­tive is to be a long-term part­ner for desig­ners world­wide.

In our view, cre­a­ti­vity requi­res revo­lu­tion and revo­lu­tion requi­res values.
Exper­tise, standards, reli­a­bi­lity and close coo­p­e­ra­tion within a com­mu­nity are the basis for above-aver­age per­for­man­ces.

The basic com­mer­cial data of the family com­pany that is Selux pro­vi­des the fra­me­work for this and is the basis for acting sustai­na­bly.

Selux Group at a glance

Total per­for­mance 96.119 T €
Employ­ees per 31.12.2015 571
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