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Pariser Platz
Berlin, Germany

  • project Pariser Platz
  • lighting designer Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung
  • photographer Linus Lintner, Jan Konitzki

In autumn 2003, the four single Schup­mann lanterns that had been returned“ to Pariser Platz in 1992 were sub­sti­tuted by twin-bracket ver­sions of the replica his­tor­i­cal lumi­naires. The orig­i­nal lantern was designed by archi­tect Prof. Ludwig Schup­mann in 188788 for Unter den Linden.

During the Third Reich these lanterns, which were equipped with carbon arc lamps in those days, were removed and replaced by lanterns designed by Albert Speer when the road was redesigned for the 1936 Olympic Games. After the war, Berlin‘s one-time mag­nif­i­cent boule­vard was sub­jected to“ being illu­mi­nated by stan­dard whip-lash street lumi­naires.

Close to the build­ings a smaler his­toric lantern Corona is placed.

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