The advantages of a family company.
The benefits of a global group.

Semper lux — always light. When Hermann Bansbach founded his company in Berlin after the war, the city was devastated and deprived of electricity and light. Mr. Bansbach made the life of Berliners easier with his simple, affordable battery charger, thereby illuminating a dark period in history. He firmly believed in the social and cultural significance of light, something which went far beyond the merely commercial. It is an attitude we have retained to the present day; living this fascination with light and using sophisticated concepts to provide genuine improvements in the quality-of-life of others. In this way we changed our name from Semperlux to Selux – signalling the transformation of a Berlin artisan's workshop into a company with 553 dedicated staff and sites in Europe, North America and throughout the world.

Evolution does not imitate, it optimises. Our goal is to develop products that are extraordinary; products that originate in practice but have a different approach and are credible and convincing. It enables us to come up with the best solution for all requirements, using digitally controlled light systems for efficient light management, daylight sensors, multimedia playback walls or coloured lighting concepts designed to create a unique lighting ambience. Design studies enable us to apply learning to series production, and the pooling of this knowledge leads to ground-breaking innovations: LEDs and OLEDs offer entirely new potential for design and ergonomics – resulting in minimal construction for a more integrated product design, longer service life and lower energy consumption. At Selux, the future of light is already the present.

We handle modularity,
you create individuality.

Sophisticated lighting concepts that reflect the company’s philosophy in every single detail enable each vision to become a reality. Behind our product families are construction kit principles: housing sizes, light units and technology are individually scalable so as to allow for complex requirements with a clear design and consistent idea. This is where the extraordinary is the ordinary: whether in terms of colour, optics, housing or assembly method – Selux offers you the freedom of design.

The shape is subservient to the function
— and to our quality requirements.

The superiority of Selux optics is based on complex light calculations, many years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of materials and light sources. As early as the design stage, we take into account ease-of-assembly, durability and product maintenance – all of which are essential for a product’s economic efficiency. Quality lies in the details. To be more specific, in our high-quality materials and processing capability, in our low-resource production and the understanding our experts have of applications in order to meet your requirements – from know-how about the product lifecycle of exterior luminaires developed over many decades to our commitment to meeting the lighting wishes of customers. Together these aspects give rise to quality and turn good products into exceptional products.

We manufacture luminaires.
But we provide quality of life.

A combination of grounded knowledge, proven ability and first-class light tools enable us to achieve the extraordinary. This is the end to which we pool our knowledge; adding enjoyment, ambition and a desire to be groundbreaking. Long-term sustainability is something that comes naturally to us, which is why our customer, supplier and staff relations are set up in a way that is both responsible and based on a partnership approach – creating the atmosphere of trust and friendship that has given rise to the best ideas and solutions since time immemorial. Our team of technicians, engineers and designers will be happy to advise you on any matter. Whether it is a specific light, a customised pole connection or a new exterior solution, Selux will help you to turn even the most extraordinary lighting project into reality in a way that is both aesthetically and economically satisfying.

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