For more than 65 years now, it has been our firmly held belief that community makes a difference. Throughout Europe and beyond, we develop and manufacture our products within the market, for the market and for the entire group of companies. This enables us to provide supraregional project management throughout the world – in close cooperation with international teams made up, for instance, of architects from Europe, installation technicians from the USA and construction managers from Asia.

Our tools are premium quality light modules, ideas and competence.
The quest to find extraordinary solutions to projects is our motivation and our objective is to be a long-term partner for designers worldwide.

In our view, creativity requires revolution and revolution requires values.
Expertise, standards, reliability and close cooperation within a community are the basis for above-average performances.

The basic commercial data of the family company that is Selux provides the framework for this and is the basis for acting sustainably.

Selux Group at a glance

Total performance 96.119 T €
Employees per 31.12.2015 571
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