Elegance and visual comfort

Reduction to the essentials

The pendant and surface mounted Xea luminaires integrate the driver and LED lighting technology into a just 18mm low profile.

Efficiency and state-of-the-art visual comfort 

Selux lighting technology in the Xea complies with requirements for all lighting tasks within working and office environments. A lens optics with multilayer microprims is located behind the glass diffuser, which reduces both direct and veiling glare. 

Light distribution

  • direct/indirect
  • direct

Technical information


Show overview

Selux quality

The harmonious design of Xea's homogenous surfaces also extend to material transitions – the diffuser connects flush to the profile with real glass in a while, the locking system is invisible. The quality of the Xea is reflected in its premium materials, fine surfaces and minimalist design.

Service and warranty

Every luminaire that leaves our company is examined with regard to light colour, luminous flux and power. The data is stored to enable light components to be supplied future that have the same technical parameters as the initial equipment.

5 year warranty on project registration at selux.com